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Router forgot password how to do?

2018-01-22 14:13:30
General configuration of the router is very simple, as long as the router's network cable connection good plugged in and then on the browser type or, enter the browser Settings page, find the setup wizard after confirmation of the login user name and password input, such as the connection is ok.If at this time, forget the router login information, what can we do, here is the most simple processing method, is to reset the router, or restore the factory Settings --The Reset.Specific operation is as follows:

in the first place, want to know which one is the reset button.Through the following illustration, is easy to realize that there is a black hole and identified as "RESET", this is the reset button.The router back end what other pins are respectively for?We can also see, by the way:

1, power adapter interface: just as its name implies is to connect the power cord of electricity use;

2, WAN port: used to connect to front-end ports and routers, namely one end of a cable is attached to the front-end ports, then at the other end is inserted in the WAN port.You will find that a router's WAN port only one, and the color is not the same as the LAN port, it's easy to distinguish;

3, LAN port: used to connect to the router and the Internet device, or if a device has no wireless card online, then no wireless router connection services, natural cannot realize wireless access, through the Internet to establish the connection between the device and router.

each port has its own number, above, indicating the router can support 4 devices at the same time the cable connection, and accordingly, in the front of the router has four grade indicator lights flashing.If a label of the light is not flashing, explain the LAN port number is abnormal, need to check.

after understanding the router back end each port function, before you need to restore the factory operation, please unplug the power of the router, and then use thin hard objects such as toothpicks or pen), into the RESET hole, keep long press.Then put through power supply, observe the router front-end power light, led light for WAN and LAN indicator is normal flashing, can loosen the long press the holes.After

when back to factory Settings, will be able to use the default login user information, generally for admin/admin, so that you can begin to reset the router.

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