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Router forgot password solution

2018-01-18 16:59:25
Considering whether operating problems of
lu you is usually a restore button, usually in a hole by the side of the power supply, pencil can enter, press and hold and then loosen the 5-10 times in a row, so know saw lu you implement the power went out and then back on again, to be addressed in

should be the following: turn off the power supply of

2, hold down the reset button () in the back hole don't loosen the
3 open power about 3 seconds
4, M1, M2 light flashing at the same time, after the release button
5 router start, configuration will be restored to factory default, the value is as follows:
user name: admin, & lt;Note, it is the factory default password and account password:
subnet mask: 255.2585.255.0

then if the computer can get IP, reset the router.Then we should be able to input in IE IP router background management (such as into the router:

steps into the main interface, you can set up a wireless account, register yourself the original broadband account and password, according to the prompt is completed, the modified wireless password is

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