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Router login password forgotten how to do?

2018-01-19 16:35:33

router login password forgot how to do?First try to initial default password, because most of the initial account password is admin, so if there is no change in the account password, try the initial account password, try whether can normal login (specific see the router on the back of the small paper label, with the router's initial login address and account password).

if the initial login password is wrong, it should be later changed the account password, this time must be "Restore the factory Settings ".Find restore factory Settings button (generally beside the WAN port, have a plenty of outstanding, have a plenty of dents), if it is outstanding to button, directly hold for 10 seconds, then release can, if is hollow, it needs to use a ball-point pen and so on into hold not loose 10 seconds (note: after the restore factory Settings, the router needs to be set to the Internet).After the restore factory Settings, you can directly use the initial account password to log in, click "Setup wizard "Reset.

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