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Router password is modified how to do?

2018-01-22 10:20:44
I used to be

people into the router, changed the default password.Now even I myself don't know what my router password, may also need to enter the router is configured in the future.Who can tell me how about this case to the password change come back?Note: the password is to manage the router password, not wifi password!

a, most router user name and password are admin

most mainstream brand router, the default user name is admin, password is admin, if you didn't find it on the router, might as well try this group of user name and password.

2, router usually marked on the back of your router password

brands router usually when leaving the factory, there will be a default user name and password, the user name and password are usually marked on the back of the router, some of the record label on the router serial number, but also prompt for your router login address user name and password.

you may wish to get the router have now, take a closer look.If there is no router, then flip the instructions again.

router's username and password can be changed, if really can't remember, you can try to restore factory Settings.

router passwords have been changed?

first reset the wireless router, reset method is behind a router has a small hole with Rest or Default, several seconds after the cases with a toothpick to resist the power supply, the router will automatically restore factory Settings.

some button


when we turn the router over a small hole, here specify the address of the router's default login and account password.

how to modify the router to the default password?

we turned on the computer browser, use the default management account login the router interface.

managers in the tools menu - > Settings, can enter your new login name and password, then we click save Settings button.

then the router automatically restart, our new administrator password will take effect.

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