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Router password security settings

2018-01-22 16:15:53

routers have become an indispensable of a family and office Internet equipment, manage and use it well is our Internet users a "Background ".To use the router, you must first learn to manage the router.Manage the router, you first need to consider is the safety problem of the router.Small make up will come to you today with the router password security knowledge:

physical connection first access address should be

to set up the administrator account and password, first to build a physical network connection of the router and PC, the router to the PC via Ethernet cable connection, the physical connection is established.At this time only administered in accordance with the router instruction given on the default url (TP - LINK above the router's default address, open the web browser on a PC, enter, management interface to the router.

input password access router to the default management account management interface to manage

routers, must first clear understanding of the two sets of the password of the router.A user question, there is a user name and password can access the router, why bother to set two groups of password?Use the same set of line not line?In fact this is the nature of the two groups of account and password for router problem caused by understanding unclear.A group of

in the two groups in a password, first is used to manage the router's account and password.We want to control the router, we need to set a permission, which access is controlled by a set of accounts and passwords to, we call it "The router management account and password ".Different models of brand routers provide different router control means, in general will provide a set of default control account and password.In a TP SR642G cc-link routers, for instance, only need to read the instructions, you can easily find the default account and password (called admin/account, password for admin/same).If the manual is missing, according to the router model, the plate of can also use the Internet for easy and corresponding model of the router's management account name and password.

router management user name and password can be understood as a set of universal & in charge of the router access otherKey ", this string "Key "Not be authorized at others.Guests to access router in the home, we can give the guest is another set of "Key "Before (below), rather than this.If it is used in the company, the router management account and password is often in the hands of the webmaster.

risk default admin password management personalization

just to buy back the router by default login is used, there is a big security risk.Because the router's brand, the default account password is a well-known fact, ceng net will first try to login target routers with these default Settings.If lazy hands because users forget to modify or not for lack of cognition to modify these parameters, then, after this and get the pay check, when used hairpin issued 888888 password.

need to modify the router administrator account and password, the router management Settings window click "System tools →Modify the login password ", and then in the pane on the right side of the input of the original default admin user name and password admin, and then set the new user name and password, click "Save "Button, will set up a new user name and password to the router memory device, restart the router.Amend the router management account and password to

personalized set permissions on this

don't be frightened by the code of SSID

another set of account password is the perimeter of the authorized person or peripheral devices use the router's account name and password.We had desktops, laptops, or mobile devices like mobile phones, tablet, with wireless Internet access to the router, all need a set of user name and password, the most familiar with.This group of password is entered the router administrator interface set after another set of permissions password --Routers use account and password.After into the router management Settings window, click "Wireless parameters →Basic setup ", you can see the three aspects of setting options.Routers use account and password is mainly involves three aspects: the content of the SSID is a number, the other is wireless and SSID broadcasting options, and a password.The SSID, is wireless Internet service for authentication ID, is other equipment necessary to use when accessing the router "The user name ", the user name can be set in accordance with the router manager's personality, according to the principle of convenient himself, convenient others use, or a certain life colour to name (for example, can be set to DAJIAHAO, YIQIYONG).Only same SSID, radio host, can access to the wireless network.

router wireless access account password set tip:

not all routers provide the default administrator account and password.Such as TP - Link TL - WR842N wireless router does not provide a default administrator password.Access router management address, for the first time after entering the router Settings page, system requires users to set an administrator password.Do so although seemingly trouble some, but can avoid the user graph save trouble or change the default Settings, use "Clear "The router to the default password of management loopholes.

tl - WR842N wireless router for the first time to use need to set the administrator password

hide network closed SSID broadcast

the use of mobile phones or tablet in wireless Internet users must have met such a question: why I can search many wireless networks in the community?So, if I can search to the other people's network, whether that other people also can see my home network?If you can, my home network and how be the home search, how can not search by others?

actually, here is one of the determinants of whether open "Allow SSID broadcasting "The permissions."Allow SSID broadcasting "Is a basic set of wireless parameter Settings in a project, if the project selected, the current router to wireless radio host their own SSID.If your router is selected such Settings, then after open, effective user will search within the scope of the account name to your router.That is mentioned above we can search to many neighbour because of the wireless network.Due to the router to the default setting in the choice of the project in an open position, in this state, family member or visiting friends and relatives take out a cellular phone can easily search to the network, so many people in order to facilitate, also won't go to close the options, apply directly to the system default provided "Open "Options.

open SSID broadcasting option

however, this has such a convenient feature of option is a security risk.If the two factors to measure with the username and password account security, then open the SSID broadcasting, you will have some security permissions in the hands of others, others just to get your network password, can easily log on your network.

know this principle, can suit the remedy to the case, for their own against the SSID broadcasting network security set up --Simply by "Wireless network basic setup "Window, "Allow SSID broadcasting "Checkboxes select to cancel, so that other people won't be able to search to your online account.

closed SSID broadcasting option


current household have the double function of wired and wireless router most, the transmission and wired and wireless access interface.For family use, however, if each room to lay the cable network interface, and the room is in the use of a laptop or desktop, without the use of wireless devices, wireless network can be completely in the basic setup options "Open the infinite functions throughout the &;Shut down.So, it is the most thorough truncate the ceng net the possibility of others.

completely shut down the wireless network to eliminate others malicious ceng net

isn't worry, after the option to shut down the SSID broadcasting, ceng network of people can't easily search to your wireless network, but yourself or visitors after the cell phone also can't search to the network?It's not like that.For ourselves, as long as through the way of manually adding a new network, enter the user name wireless SSID, and then enter the password, save after, can be used on the network.

through network SSID manually add a user name and password to use wireless network routing security type

is also as the deciding factor in

as the wireless network set access password, attention "Safety type "Options.Including the WEP, WPA/connected, WPA wpa2-psk/connected a variety of types such as wpa2-psk optional.The WEP use 802.11 basic WEP security mode, while the WPA/connected is the Radius server for authentication and key WPA or connected mode, WPA wpa2-psk/connected wpa2-psk is WPA mode based on the Shared secret.WEP mode and "Automatic selection ", "Open system ", "The Shared secret "Three kinds of options to choose from.Among them "Automatic selection "Is based on host requests automatically choose to use WPA or connected in safe mode.In respect of key format setting, can also count from ASCII or hex form two ways to set the WEP keys.And choose a different key format of the password length varies: choose a 64 - bit key, 10 hexadecimal number of characters must be entered, or five ASCII characters;Choose a 128 - bit key, need input hexadecimal number 26 characters, or ASCII characters 13;Choose a 152 - bit key need input hexadecimal number 32 characters, 16 or ASCII characters.

wireless router security type and option

tip: what kind of encryption and password set up the most secure

in addition to shut down the router SSID broadcasting network, the choice of encryption and password Settings is a major factor.In setting up the router password, the connected way of encryption, the encryption algorithm selection "TKIP + AES".In addition to adopt the way of letters, Numbers, symbols, mix build, the mixture of digits cannot be too little, a bit longer passwords (for example: ABc&Password * 4257 # Ww).

reset button from some trouble here

there is a small reset button on the router or holes, many people buy the router after asking other people for help for the personalized Settings, the router's management account and password is changed, but in the case of the users themselves is not clear, if press the unknown small button, may cause the router cannot login.

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