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Router renewal? Do not throw old! This operation can improve speed!

2018-01-30 10:14:48

with the development of science and technology, increasing our demand for bandwidth.And the development of the router is followed by people's demand for high speed correlates with the popularity of optical fiber, a lot of people at home will be eliminated the old router, replace the better performance of router.After replacement of the router, ordinary people can get rid of the old router.BUT!!!Old router can actually play to her heat, today small make up teach you let old router tip of a new lease on life.,

in the first place, use the old router extended home WiFi signal.Old router can be used as a deputy luqiao new router, "bridge" to increase the WiFi coverage effect, can solve the problem of unable to connect to WiFi WiFi blind Angle.How to operate?,

1, to ensure that the router has been connected to the Internet and can be normal access to the Internet.Then, through the power of the old router, the old router to factory default, the WiFi is connected by mobile phone or computer old router.2, login to the router with a computer background to a site, click on the "wireless Settings" - work mode choice WISP or wireless relay 】 【 Client + AP, and select the superior router WiFi, WiFi password entered, and [save].After three, save the old router will automatically restart.Reboot into [outside network Settings 】 after check the network status, if the display is connected to the Internet, 】 said old router has successfully with the router connection is successful.

if the above operation is completed, but the bridge failure, causes of illness can from the following several aspects: first, whether the distance between the main router too far, lead to cannot search or stable master router WiFi connection?Then you need to put vice router in the appropriate range of WiFi extension.Second, whether to open the main router MAC filtering ceng network function, if is recommended for wireless relay again after closing.Moreover, check whether their input WiFi password is wrong.

by old routers can also be extended WiFi, WiFi connection no dead Angle.The tips you get?

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