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Routing Problems on Local Computer IP Causes Router Problem

2018-06-19 16:06:23

First, the specific fault description

The website needs to debug the connectivity of the visit, use the laptop to debug in the server group and modify the IP address to, the IP address of the visited website is, the domain name is. After debugging, the website can be accessed normally in the unit, and after returning home, it tries to access through ADSL.

How to look at router ipADSL using PPPoE dial-up method without having to modify the IP address to normal Internet access, so did not modify the IP address of the laptop in the company set up to dial-in dial, visit SOHU, Sina without any problems , QQ and MSN can also log in normally, but can not access the company's this server, the information appears is that the page can not be displayed, but also use the domain name to visit, the fault still exists.

Second, the specific fault analysis

The computer's IP address is reset to, the fault reappears. Enter the routeprint query local route in the command line mode to find the root cause of the fault. The original route is set to the local computer with an IP address of Therefore, when accessing the network segment of, the system will send the data packet directly. To instead of the default gateway address of, the correct routing information could not be found.

III. Troubleshooting /p>

(1) The route is used by the company to use a firewall, so PingIP cannot obtain feedback information, so the TRACERT command is used. After entering tracert211.153.80.1 in the Command Prompt window, it was found that Requesttimedout occurred immediately. This indicates that the packet sent to did not reach the first routing device.

(2) Continue to query DNS if there is a problem. Enter nslookup in the command line mode, and then enter and press Enter to discover that the server can correctly resolve the IP address, indicating that the problem is not related to DNS.

(3) Trying to trace the neighboring IP address, enter tracert211.153.81.1 in the command line mode, and find that the data packet can pass through the five routing devices based on the obtained routing information.

(4) After entering the IPCONFIG command, it is found that the IP address of the local computer is still 211.1533.80.29 set by the company and the subnet mask is The IP address is selected as automatically obtained. After the dial-up Internet access, the fault can be solved and the home server can be accessed normally.

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