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Routing policy and policy routing - The first routing strategy-2

2018-02-05 14:01:52

2.1 Difference between routing strategy and policy routing

I am also Zhuaernaosai when first contact routing and policy routing, points not clear, why developers think the old agreement gave them so confusing names, change a name not easily confused! But since the name of so many years, although you don't know, but already familiar. Although the characteristic of policy routing is not discussed as a topic of this topic, we will make a comparative analysis of the twin brothers here, so that you will no longer be confused.

Routing strategy

The operating object of the routing policy is routing information. Routing strategy mainly implements the functions of routing filtering and routing attribute setting. It changes the path of network traffic by changing the routing attribute (including reachability).

Policy routing

The operation object of policy routing is data packet. When the routing table has been generated, it does not transmit according to the routing table. Instead, it changes the packet forwarding path according to the need and according to some strategy.

So it can be seen that policy routing plays a role before the routing table. If the message matches the policy route, then the message will no longer go to the routing table, but it will be forwarded directly according to the "guideline" of policy routing. So the policy routing is a "guy" that doesn't go out of the way, and that's why the application of policy routing will be a bit more flexible.

2.2 Comparison and analysis of routing strategy and policy routing

In order to make a more specific comparison of routing and policy routing, we make a comprehensive comparison of the two through table 2.


Routing strategy

Policy routing

Object of action

Routing information

data packet

Realization subject

Control plane

Implementation of routing filtering and modification of attribute values

Forward plane

Ensure that the packets are forwarded on a specified path

Whether to change the forwarding process

Do not change the forwarding process

Changing the packet forwarding process

Filtering mechanism

Based on ACL filtering

Address prefix list

Routing attribute filtering

Routing type filter based on Routing


Based on ACL, stream classification, pop, flow strategy

Application subject

Static routing

connected route





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