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Rui wn529n2a wireless router how to set up the Internet, Rui based on wn529n2a wireless routers set

2018-01-09 11:34:57

is a farce by 529 n2a intelligent router, intelligent system with built-in ali cloud, today to tell you about how to set this mini small intelligent routing?

1, the broadband network line from the router's WAN port;

2, using a mobile phone/pad connected wi-fi router (wavlink) signal,

3, open input url UC browser, and enter the login page

4, lost the original create password →Admin (lowercase),

5, according to the situation of Internet broadband dial-up.Dynamic IP. Static IP

if the dial is broadband in the home, please select Broadband dial-up ", broadband account and password input;

if home network cable connected to the Internet directly, please select Dynamic IP "

if the home is to specify an IP access to the Internet, please select Static IP”In

6, change the password, click on wireless The wireless set ", change the wifi name and password, other wifi

7 by default, a password will be set up


1, remember in the process of setting the blue cable inserted into the router WAN port.

2, when choosing a dial-up, please identify the network situation, choose again dial, static IP or dynamic IP

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