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Ruijie router how, Ruijie router evaluation

2018-01-04 13:50:49

with the increasing of network communication is convenient, wireless Internet access has become the trend of The Times, and for the choice of the router is become a top priority, can choose a good router, can improve you get the probability of a red envelope!Today, here small make up to sell to you about is in recent years the good sharp gateway router, which express the router?

red-giant sharp Czech company is China's leading brand data communications solutions.They root is mainly engaged in industry, deep environment for the design of the product innovation.The company has 40 branches, a total marketing and service network has covered Asia, Europe, North America and South America, on four continents and in fuzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, chengdu, tianjin five big cities have r&d center.Each year, 15% of its revenues into research and development.Sharp Czech router's


sharp Czech router word of mouth is good, and variety.Mainly divided into core routers, convergence router, connected to the router, mobile router as well as application on the router.Is divided into the core router RG - RSRM series, RG - RSR77 - X series, the series of RG - RSR77 and RG - RSR - E four four series, as its main name core router, is most, all varieties series products one of the most abundant species.And its router related application software mainly mobile router network management system and sharp nimble flow analysis system.Price

sharp sharp gateway router

gateway router gap is relatively large, the price of the cheapest is now main RG - MA1210 - S tiny white model, its website now offer is 199 yuan;And RG - AG515 expensive network management model, in the price of its website has reached 19875 yuan.In the router is light and decoration.Although relatively sharp Czech taobao certain brand of router is relatively expensive, if only the bedroom ceng net with the dozens or recommend buy taobao worth it, but if home or work, or recommend use of this kind of quality better brand products.

sharp gateway router after

sharp Czech has its own Internet shopping mall, there are all sell their own products, and have a relatively perfect purchase process, almost all of the products package mail, warranty.Small make up pretending to be a buyer to contact customer service and asked many questions, customer service is particularly patient has carried on the simple, and has repeatedly stressed its after-sales is guaranteed, a set of relatively complete process.And general store will have activities, as long as that can best buy their loved ones for certain products.

to sum up, the sharp of the router is good, but each person's perceptions of the product is different, the view is different also, these are just as a reference, is not absolute.

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