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Security group wireless network coverage system knowledge summary

2018-01-26 09:37:15

what is AP?


a: AP - wireless access points (WirelessAccessPoint) AP is a HUB of traditional cable network, and is also the most commonly used to form a small wireless LAN device.AP is equivalent to a bridge that crosses from the wired and wireless networks, its main function is to all the clients to connect to wireless network, and wireless Internet access Ethernet, so as to achieve the purpose of the wireless network coverage.

ap also points "thin" and "fat"?Thin AP (FITAP) :

also known as wireless bridge, wireless gateway, known as "thin" AP.

popular understand thin AP: in itself is not configured, needs a dedicated equipment (wireless controller) for centralized control management configuration.

"controller + + thin AP router architecture" is commonly used in wireless network coverage, because at the time of the AP number, only through the controller to manage the configuration, will simplify a lot of work;Fat AP (FATAP)

so-called fat AP, the industry has also been called a wireless router.Wireless router is different from pure AP, in addition to the function of wireless access, generally have WAN, LAN two interfaces, support function of address translation (NAT), more support DHCP, DNS server and the MAC address clone, and VPN access, firewall and other security features.

what is AC?


a: Wireless Controller (Wireless AccessPoint Controller) is a kind of network equipment, used for centralized control in controlled network Wireless AP, is the core of a Wireless network, manages all the Wireless AP in the Wireless network, the AP management including: distributed configuration, modify the relevant configuration parameters, the radio frequency intelligent management, access security control, etc.(the market circulation of all AC and AP is the same vendor to mutual management)

what is the POE power supply, what is a POE switch?POE (


a: POE PowerOver Ethernet), also known as the power supply system based on LAN (PoL, PowerOver LAN) or Active Ethernet (Active Ethernet), is sometimes referred to as "for the Ethernet power supply, referring to the existing Ethernet Cat. 5 cabling infrastructure without making any changes in circumstances, for some based on IP terminal (e.g., IP telephone, wireless LAN access point AP, webcams, etc.) to transmit data signals at the same time, also can provide such equipment with technology of dc power supply.POE technology can ensure the safety of the existing structured cabling guarantee the normal operation of the existing network at the same time, minimizing cost.:


market popular application POE switches POE is in addition to provide ordinary switch with the transfer function, also can give the other end of the cable equipment power supply function.Power + data integration, do not need to add power supply modules, or POE power supply module for power supply equipment, a Cat. 5 lines to complete all work.


POE power supply "standard" and "non-standard"


, standard POE: in accordance with IEEE802.3 af\/ats specification, need to detect the electric characteristics of 25 k resistor, shake hands, shake hands, only power supply;Otherwise, only data (data).


for example: put the POE for electrical computer network card, not burned computer network card can only access to the Internet because the data can be normal.


non-standard POE: also called for the type, a alternating current (ac) electric power supply,The first detection by electricity, not to shake hands, 48 v or 54 v power supply directly.


for example: put the POE for electrical computer network card, can be normal access to the Internet, but not direct power supply for 48 or 54 v through negotiation, is likely to be burning equipment.


on the market in general points, 48 v, 12 v and 24 v several kinds of output voltage (DC)

to deploy a wireless engineering what hardware and software are needed?

basic hardware: wireless router POE switch AC controller AP

high-end hardware: bypass firewall router traffic and behavior management master switch floor POE switch AC controller AP

wireless ap power is larger, the better?,


a: no, the greater the power of AP, on behalf of emission signal strength is higher, literally, you will be led to the erroneous zone, the stronger the signal, the better, of course, but the signal is strong against itself, the wireless network transmission signal is both sides, all data should be transmitted between transmitting terminal and receiving end, the sender signal too, is bound to affect the receiving end of return data, it will cause the phenomenon such as network transmission delay or packet loss.

easy to understand: a space, you talk to another person at the same time, the other person's voice is too big, your voice is very small, can cause the other party can't hear what you're saying, which affect their quality.



within a large wireless engineering, the key point and the most important thing to notice is what?

project Angle is the key:

the actual construction drawing design, determine the wiring to the position, to consider such as concealment, damage to buildings (features) of building structures, in the use of existing space at the same time to avoid the power circuit and other circuit, the cases of necessary and effective protection demand for cables, etc.The location of the



router between underground weak current is generally selected

router (away from the high voltage, avoid strong electromagnetic interference), pay attention to ventilation, dry, best equipped with cabinet, put together with the core switch.

POE power supply switch the location of the

POE switch location choice is reasonable, is located in AP point in the middle position, reduce the cost and get the line shortening the distance between switches to the AP

AP AP location choice position select the center of the scene of the peripheral radial layout.AP coverage should overlap, reduce signal blind area.AP distance POE switch distance not more than 80 meters (


quality goods ample cable as an example) the laying of cables,


cables as network signal transmission carrier, in the process of laying to pay attention to the protection circuit, do not appear broken or blind Angle, if necessary or wear iron pipe is put in the roof bridge.Pay special attention to the principle of power lines and reduce the signal interference,


in field debugging and maintenance point of note:


a, the network routing: the Internet access in place to ensure that Internet conditions, normally connected routing, to ensure that the routing itself can normal Internet communications, construction on the main exchange and floor construction as exchange, ensure the normal order of the backbone network communication.


b, debugging, intercom: debugging stage need to store seconded an intercom equipment, convenient for debugging.

c, construction and commissioning phase, the need for AP, switch, cable, construction debugging of hardware such as reserved enough spare parts.


construction drawing: every time before construction, construction of the please give us two construction drawing.

construction network topology: requirements, detailed floor switches, routing information and location, each layer of the AP and other hardware number and connection methods.Graph:

construction equipment cable marking request, routers and switches and AP connection information, the corresponding port, etc., all roughly the length of cable connecting theory (including road - exchange between - AP).

e, construction wiring and line standard planning:

message identification record: AP point Mac records: contractor AP location need to record the AP was laid floor number and position number and corresponding Mac information (note the corresponding floor figure AP number, such as: Mac information format for 1 \/ f, no. 1:1 f - 1 AC: 11:22:33:44: AP).This information to unite the floor distribution record in the Word document store floor construction drawing or manual record directly to the construction side to spare parts, convenient maintenance use.

line marking identification record: (1) online: switches the input and output need indicate the identity or serial number of terminal's size, location and which floor connection of AP, (pay attention to the corresponding figure floor AP number, such as: 1 \/ f, no. 1 format for 1 f - 1), in line outside the network also to cable standard: need to be marked "the network access.


(2) the interconnection between all floor switch: the switch circuit connected thread end need to indicate the source terminal id or serial number.(note that write the floor and switches, such as: 1 \/ f, no. 1 switch, SW) format for 1 f - 1,


live viewing installed AP have electricity, and normal work:


construction personnel are completed all inspection onsite all AP normal electricity, electricity cases normal: the green indicator on the AP long bright, such as routing in place and running circumstances, can through the software to detect whether the AP normal send out signals and the Internet.

if above information is completely clear, so don't need to construction personnel at the scene, if above information is not clear, every time debugging need at the scene of the construction personnel to cooperate, please.



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