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Server Firewall Principle and Function [Graphic]

2018-01-15 14:29:42

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server firewall, this believe that everybody is not strange.After you have installed a software on the computer can't open it, then it will pop up a dialog box, the above suggest the connection fails, please check your network firewall.Yes, this is what we call server firewall.We put aside the server three words, but the firewall, as the name implies, a fire wall, obviously it is used to protect our security.Server firewall, but it is to protect our computer.

server firewall, is essentially a protect our computer not to steal confidential information safety system and intrusion.It has two kinds of hardware and software in our computer, is the only gateway between us and the network information exchange, at the same time it will be in accordance with the requirements of security file at any time to allow, or refused to access information.Firewall itself has a strong ability to resist attacks, general small network attacks are completely can survive.If there is damage to our firewall, then the content of network will be exposed to the external network computer, cause great potential safety hazard to our information security.What are the main functions of the firewall

?1. The first is to detect, it can be us in the computer does not meet the security requirements of group;2. Defense capabilities, the firewall function to resist the attack, in principle is: it can be said to be a data analyzer, data separator, limiter, it can monitor our computer's every move, ensure that our internal computer network security is its responsibility.

put a firewall in our computer and can largely improve the safety of our internal network, if there are some unsafe NFS protocol into our internal network, the firewall will open protected mode, and eliminates the information of our network.In open using a firewall, we can through the firewall security plan preparation will our password, identity information, such as password input to our firewall.It has more safety more economic benefits.

and the type of firewall is not the same, we usually used firewall is normal, can resist the impact of the small.To large companies, Banks, such as a state secret agency, group used firewall is enhanced, again big cyber attacks are basically can resist.

summary: above is the entire content of the small make up to introduce the network firewall, at the end of the day actually very simple, it is the same with the nature of western medieval moats, only moat to protect is a castle, and firewall protection is our computer.The hope can help you.

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