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Server application is not use how to solve? Detailed explanation

2018-01-12 15:54:03

as is known to all, is now entered the information era of big data, such as age, we face a mountain of data, but we have to analyze them and deal with.Since we need to mention the server today.We know that.More and more electronic products, the support of these products were network, is the server.So, today small make up to you to introduce server application how to solve?

server application how to solve?

:1, error message server application is not available, if there is an error prompt words like, first of all need to be done on a Web server access, Web application currently unavailable, please click on the browser, choose after try to refresh a few times.

2, if still can not use after the refresh, then check the log in the computer management.Log is refers to the recent cache files.As we know, in the case of specific request for failure, error information can be found in the server's system log accordingly.Find the log after check the cause of the error occurred.

:3, log error log errors for aspnet_wp. Exe failed to start a reminder.General error code for the C0000142.That is to say we don't have enough permissions to log on the server of the reading, and then lead to error log.At this point needs to be properly installed the.net Framework file, restart the server.4,

in this step, it is for. Net registered in IIS, run the following program, then try to restart the IIS can:

C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NET Frameworkv2.0.50727 aspnet_regiis. Exe -

I joined more than processing haven't solve the problem of the server application is not available, then need to modify the parameter in the IIS configuration, then need anew to set up a new application, modify the permissions.

June, the server application is not available, also need to look at the following be aspnet_wp. Exe intercepted, running security software can check way, after the restart iis.

now with the development of electronic technology, the use of server has been basically achieved universal access, the server application in the basic business, communication and fusion of these aspects, such as the use of time is relatively longer, but with the development of the technology, the application range of the server will be more extensive.The above is a server application is not available, the introduction of how to solve, hope the above content will be helpful to you.

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