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Server hard disk installation steps

2018-01-05 16:24:48

guide language: for a lot of software industry professionals server hard disk installation steps is very simple, but for some computer novice server hard disk installation became a lot of difficulties, so today is the server hard disk installation steps will be introduced to the people, buy the computer but some of its performance and server hard disk installation do not understand, only awareness of the general function of the computer, computer hardware don't understand, don't think this is right, to understand a thing to it all, just below please as to understand together!

server Hard Disk, as the name implies, is to use on the server's Hard Disk (Hard Disk).If the server is the core of the network data, the server hard disk is the core of data warehouse, all the software and the user data is stored here.For the user, the data stored on the server's hard disk is the most precious, so it is very important to the reliability of the hard disk.In order to make the hard disk can adapt to large amount of data and long working hours and working environment, server usually use high speed, stability and safety of SCSI hard drives (this is old news).But now with the hard drive technology development, the ordinary SATA hard disk can also be used in middle and lower order server, of course, high-end server or use SAS hard disk (SCSI hard drives evolution version).

server hard disk installation steps

first find your server hard disk box, box must be consistent and the size of the server.

then is your hard disk, whether SAS hard disk or SATA hard disk, before looking for good need you to check the installed what interface.

your hard drive down the ramp into the hard disk box.After

in place, to the hard drive on both sides of the screw holes with screws.Down the server's hard disk, after the completion of

fixed position, pay attention to the hard disk heads.

for hard disk box can not go back inside, can back clasp, lock the hard disk box, will hear a ringing sound card buckle back, don't trust can also be pulled in, in the normal electricity when confirmed open.

server using hard disk rotational speed is fast, can achieve 7200 or 10000 revolutions per minute, or even higher;It also configured with a large (generally is 2 MB and 4 MB) back to write caching (is out of date, the current desktop hard disk cache is up to 64 MB!);The average access time is shorter;External transfer rate and internal transfer rate is higher, the use of Ultra Wide SCSI, Ultra2 Wide SCSI, Ultra160 SCSI, Ultra320 SCSI standard SCSI hard drives, data transfer rate respectively can reach 40 MB per second, 80 MB, 160 MB, 320 MB.

most server USES the data throughput, low CPU occupancy SCSI/SAS hard disk (though the desktop SATA hard drive and a low CPU occupancy, but with SAS hard disk obviously not) on a class.SCSI hard drives must be through the SCSI interface to use, and some SCSI interface is integrated in the server motherboard, some with a dedicated SCSI interface card, a SCSI interface card can pick seven SCSI device, this is can't be matched by the IDE interface (an IDE interface can only extend two channels, and serious interference).

conclusion: believe netizens friends after a detailed introduction and analysis, to the server hard disk installation will have their own understanding and experience.Server hard disk installation is a very simple thing, you meet some unfamiliar words do not always choose to escape, is really will understand oneself to study them carefully, it says the already very detailed, believe to be the server hard disk installation must be a great help, finally, please attention!

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