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Server how to bind domain name, server binding domain name method [detailed steps]

2018-01-10 11:30:32


website to open, not only need DNS, also need to domain name binding, the binding domain name server?Below to introduce the tutorial server binding domain name server binding domain name 】 【

how binding domain name server binding domain tutorial


as a first step, remote desktop login via remote desktop server, select the start menu in the server & in the otherIIS manager "To enter, and then in "Site "Files in a directory to find have already established a good site, right-click and choose properties to open the site panel as shown:

the second step, enter the site properties panel visible "Directory security ", "HTTP header ", "Custom error "Such as options TAB, select "Site "Label, maintain "Website logo "And "Connection "The default value of content, the direct selection "Senior "Enter "Senior site identification "Panel, as shown:

the third step, enter "Senior site identification "After properties panel, keep "IP address ", "TCP port ", "Throughout the host header value &;Under the original default values, click select "Add "Button, appear "Add edit website logo "The dialog box, maintain "IP address "The default values, will "TCP port "Set up "Throughout 80 &;, "Throughout the host header value &;Is binding domain name you want, can enter your binding site, set up after the completion of the click "Identify "Button to save it, as shown in figure:

the fourth step, set to save logo displays visible after a new website, has been completed on the server at this time how the operation of the binding domain name, click "Confirm "Button to save.

warm prompt, if you are using a virtual host, only through the following two methods binding domain name


as a first step, autonomous management platform login JingAn members, into the independent management platform, click on the domain name binding button, below

in the second step, the input domain, click add binding to go.


if you don't work order system binding domain name, can through the work order system, contact IDC service kindly help you to complete the operation, the steps below.

member login JingAn, entered the work order system, click on the submit a work order, the following figure.On the binding domain name you want to fill in

one will have operations staff to verify with you, help you bind the domain name.

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