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Server memory brand recommendation, how much server memory prices

2018-01-12 16:56:13

"Server memory "You may often hear the word, but I don't know exactly what it is, and what is its main function.The services available in the market there are many different kinds of memory device, you may be upset when the choose and buy, today small make up you introduce a few server memory prices.

service memory device:

server memory and memory is a kind of things we usually said.It has some unique technology, its stability is very high, error correction performance is very good.

service memory unit price:

Kingston: Kingston the 16 g server memory price in 1400 yuan or so.The server memory working frequency is 1600 MHZ, compared with the standard 1300 MHZ memory server, it will be the memory of broadband directly increased by twenty percent, means that the data exchange between CPU and memory server more quickly, thus improved the system integrity and fluency.At the same time it completely accords with the standard of Intel's low voltage, at the same time of guarantee the working efficiency, reduces the loss of power, increase the service life of the battery.

lenovo, lenovo server memory model of the price of around 960 yuan.It design, adopted the third generation of DDR memory performance is higher, support up to 1066 MHZ operating frequency, can automatically identify the 1.35 V low voltage design, reduces the trumpet of the server, can reduce the damage to the server memory, won't cause burden to performance.Original:

original this server memory price in 1300 yuan or so.Using the original factory DRAM chips, suitable for a new generation of efficient server system, each memory server after strict selection, quality guaranteed.In addition, its interior with ECC error correction function, can detect data and correct mistakes, greatly reduce the multiple tasks at the same time the calculation of run-time errors.

ADATA (ADATA) : ADATA memory model of server price is cheaper, at about 300 yuan.It conforms to the JEDEC specifications, at the same time, also conforms to the ROHS standard, processing speed, low energy consumption.The characteristics of energy saving save electricity, reduce the overall energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, but does not affect the speed of memory the server running.

DELL (DELL) : this kind of memory in DELL server the price of around 800 yuan.The server has 8 g memory.High performance/price ratio, and more affordable, are all made of very high quality original, real done starting from the source control.Each memory is strictly in accordance with international standards, can ensure the stability of one hundred percent.Huawei's model

huawei. 8 g memory server price in 900 yuan or so.As a big brand, quality assured, can be at ease buy.Is more than

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