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Server price guidance, January single rack server purchase

2018-01-26 17:01:19

 in January 2018, guide IT168 】 【 HPE products are rising and the dawn;Lenovo's two product price down, a single frame model, investigate 

market, representative of the mainstream models have: HPE DL120G9 and DL20;Lenovo RS260 and X3250M6, dell's R230 and R330 zhongke dawn I210 - G30 and I210 - G26.

(2) survey this inquiry method, we use telephone inquiry of HPE and dell products.Weekly telephone counseling, recommend that users can very good master dealer current price changes.Three, market price


 HPE product prices ProLiant DL20, server, can use Intel pentium, core i3 and E3-1200 v5, uniquely combines with economical price enterprise-level functionality.Current monitoring of a single way DL20 frame model, the Intel xeon E3-1200 v5 products, four memory slots, up to 4 hard drive slot, the new models have been listed, including a v5 configuration is E3-1240\/8 g \/ 1 H240 host bus adapters, prices rose to 5500 yuan, channels of the tail goods.

a, other server DL120G9, series, can carry Intel xeon E5-2600 - V3 \/ V4 processor.It compared with the traditional 1 p server, DL120, server with high performance, redundancy and extensibility, is the ideal choice of the small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprise customers.One is using current monitoring - 2603 v3 processor, configuration is E5-2603 v3\/2603 v3\/1 * 1 * 4 gb DDR4 gigabit nics LFF \/ 1\/4 * 550 w power supply, the market rose to 6000 yuan.

2. Lenovo: two product prices

single rack server -

lenovo RS260 entry-level server is a high performance, can meet the growing needs of the business.It USES powerful Intel processors and enterprise storage and network, provide up to 12 GBPS data transfer rate, compared with the previous generation products, doubled the memory capacity of the internal storage capacity increased by 33%.RS260 is Web hosting, email service, document printing services, video streaming, and a series of general choice of productivity applications.Monitoring of a v5 configuration is E3-1230\/8 gb ECC \/ 1 TB SATA the hotplug \/ 3.5 -inch hard disk 1 gb adaptive network card, current prices fell in 6100-6500 yuan.Series

lenovo's X server, upgrade X3250M6 new model, combined with the enterprise management in the compact 1 u shape, high availability, and security features.In this issue, the processor to upgrade to the v6 processor can support Intel xeon E3-1200 series, the performance is 30% more than the previous generation.Top equipped with 64 gb of 64 MHZ TruDDR4 UDIMM memory, can deal with more workload.Most support four eight 3.5 inches or 2.5 -inch hard disk\/solid state drive (SSD).Single frame has a model

X3250M6, six models in the channel, main processor E3-1240 v5, E3-1230 v5 and v6 E3-1220, Intel core i3 processor 6100 and xeon processor G4400.A model of the current monitoring prices remain stable.Number is 5458 - I23, configuration is E3-1220 v5 \/ Nic 2 * 2 * 1 gb 1 gb FOD Fixed \/ 300 w, the price down to 7200 yuan.

3. Dell: two product price stability,

in this issue, dell single-channel two product price down.Single frame, is the detail R230 is a U entry-level rack-mountable server, integration of data and improve the application running speed, monitoring R220 v6 is an E3-1220\/2 g \/ 1 t\/DVD, the current price at around 5000.

is another product R330 -- entry-level single-channel rack-mountable server powerful, extensible, and high availability, can improve the small and medium enterprises and remote office\/branch office applications running speed, the model the E3-1200 v6 processor, memory DIMM slots, four support DDR4 2 PCIe slot 3.0 + 1 slot for internal storage, monitoring is an E3-1220 v6\/8 g \/ 1 t SATA\/DVD, the current price stability to 5200 ~ 5500 yuan.

. Zhongke dawn: I210 - G30 prices

single frame I210-

CST dawn the G30 is based on the Intel Greenlow platform, video monitoring, image processing market development of a single server, 1 u support processor integration display and maximum 4096 x2304 60 hz resolution.The product support Intel xeon E3-1200, 4 root memory slot, the largest support two 3.5 -inch SATA hard disk.Monitoring choose a configuration that E3-1220 V2\/8 gb of memory\/DVD \/ 1 t SATA hard disk, the current prices at around 5000.

another product is I210 - G26, this product is a single frame type energy consumption optimization entry-level server, mainly used in the main application: enterprise information, WEB search, file services, VOD, Mail, etc.;V3 support Intel xeon E3-1200 series of multi-core processors, four memory slots;Can support two 3.5 inch \/ 2.5 inch SATA hard disk, the price at around 5200.

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