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Set up the router can not open how to do?

2018-01-19 09:34:15 is most router Settings interface, but for various reasons, many people can't open this page, brought a lot of inconvenience to the Internet Settings, below I give everybody say common three kinds of solution, can try.

this operation under the Windows 7 operating system, other systems approach may be slightly different.

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no. 1 way within a

    in the start menu search "Cmd"And then can see the icon under the programme, will open it.


    input box and then command prompt, enter: ping, click enter, will be tested, then we can have a look at the visit, if you still can't, please try the second solution.

no. 2 method 2

    open the network connection icon in the lower-right corner of the window, and then open the "Network and sharing center "


    within the list on the left then select "Change adapter Settings "In


    and then in the local connection option selection "Properties throughout the &;


    find "Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) ", and then click double-click to open quickly.


    our first choice "Use the following IP address "And then fill out for the following content:


    IP address:


    subnet mask:


    default gateway:


    last save it, try again to access, if it is not good, please look at the third.

no. 3 the third

above two is not feasible, so can only consider the router itself, we can find the router behind "Reset"Button, that is, the reset button, generally find a fine some things, such as long needles in a few seconds later, will do.If still cannot access at this time, I am helpless, will you contact with dealers and network operators!!!!

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