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Several core router prices

2017-12-28 18:13:14

as Internet network hub, the router is connected to the Internet in each LAN and wan devices.According to its performance, the router can be divided into convergence router, the router access, mobile router and the core router, etc.Among them, the core router is located in the center of the network, it is in the network (but not between networks) router to forward packets to host computer.Core router is also called & other;Backbone routers & throughout;, it is usually use high-end router.Underneath, small make up recommend a few core routers and will introduce the corresponding quotation.

Taiwan man's GQF1150 + a new generation of full QianZhaoWu WAN eight core router LAN higher-order dual-core

man's GQF1150 + is a new generation of dual gigabit WAN QoS safe core router, it USES a 64 - bit MIPS dual-core CPU core operation, dynamic DNS, support a single WAN port synchronous update setting, combined with multiple routes integration, intelligent broadband management, firewall, double redundancy, and other functions, provide enterprises with broadband Internet access solution rapidly.Currently offer 14999 yuan.

degrees (H3C) three MSR5660 enterprise core router

H3C MSR 5600 core router H3C using mature Comware network operating system, can not only provide more intelligent business operation management mechanism, also can realize dynamic loading process and patch.It using the integrated routing switching matrix technology, routing and switching plane separation, realize Wan Zhao stage transmission rate.The core router is 35489 yuan.

galaxy of the Milky Way cloud GSR80 GSR80-14

-14 high performance based on distributed network processor hardware forwarding and non-blocking switching technology, have grade wire high reliability, availability, scalability, and manageability, fully satisfy not short growth data and Internet business demand for core backbone equipment.The current quotation of 85000 yuan.H3C SR - 8805-


H3C SR8805 router is Wan Zhao core routers, an innovative way of using forward four plane separation and three engine architecture, realizes the Wan Zhao NP platform and Crossbar non-blocking switching technology perfect fusion, and meet the requirements of users for business processing performance and capacity.It integrates the firewall, security gateway, network traffic analysis, and other functions, to provide users with the reliability of telecommunication level.The core router is 99500 yuan.

with large-scale expanding cloud business, modern enterprises are faced with the increasingly fierce competition, to form the network core equipment & ndash;& ndash;The router's performance will directly decide the quality of the enterprise network.In order to satisfy the increasing communication demand, the performance of the modern enterprise network should possess stronger.Stable and reliable network is the foundation of enterprise development, efficient work is the driving force of enterprise development.Therefore, when selecting a core router, the enterprise should reduce the price concerns and focus on the core level must have a ten billion - bit processing performance, it helps to build a high quality enterprise network unimpeded.

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