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Shock! Server I / O bandwidth has reached an astonishing 3.2Tbps!

2018-01-26 11:23:46

Sleibso, compile: night \u200E

you believe a server I\/O bandwidth can reach 3.2 -tbps?BittWare's latest TeraBox 1432 d 1 u FPGA server, a provides 32 100 gbe QSFP port, through them, the bandwidth can be achieved astonishing 3.2 -tbps.Surprised, right!You sure can't wait to want to know this is a what kind of server?Let small make up to lead everybody to open its mysterious veil!

bitware in Denver SC17 released TeraBox booth 1432 d 1 u FPGA server, as shown in figure. 1, it change the Dll PowerEdge C4130, it comes with a new front panel, can be obtained from the company of the FPGA accelerator card 32 100 gbe QSFP port (total 3.2 -tbps front panel I\/O bandwidth), a new 1 u case relative to the company before 4 u products, the I\/O rack density doubled.

. 1 BittWare TeraBox 1432 d 1 u FPGA server box on the front panel display 32 100 gbeqsfp port


d server cases can be equipped with four based on Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale + FPGA (VU7P, VU9P or VU11P) XUPP3R boards, each board can be installed eight QSFP.Four QSFP cage and a child on four QSFP (through the cable connected to the FMC connector) is connected to the XUPP3R board.This configuration highlighted Virtex UltraScale + FPGA high I\/O density and function.

. 2 BittWare TeraBox 1432 d internal details of 1432 1432 new BittWare TeraBox 1432 d, as shown in figure. 2, in the first quarter of 2018 will launch XUPP3R FPGA acceleration plate.According to the announcement, BittWare will be posted in 2018 based on Xilinx UltraScale + VU13P XUPVV4. The new motherboard will also apply to TeraBox 1432 d.Here are 3 minutes of video, from SC17 BittWare's vice President of GM and network products Craig Lund for TeraBox 1432 d 1 u server FPGA is introduced:

you can see, the appearance of the product to a great extent, solves the data on the computer in the I\/O read some bottleneck problems, greatly improve the utilization rate of the CPU, this is a in the field of CPU I\/O a landmark product.

wants to know the friend of this product can be according to the following links to detailed understanding of reference the product oh.Reference links:

. Xcell Daily Blog: https:\/\/forums.xilinx.com\/t5\/Xcell-Daily-Blog\/BittWare-s-TeraBox-1432D-1...


2. 1432 d TeraBox 1 u FPGA server: https:\/\/www.bittware.com\/fpga\/servers-systems\/terabox1432d\/

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