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Show my home wireless network

2018-05-23 15:47:26

Recently started the TP-LINK mini wireless router. Although there are already two routers in the home, the route is too beautiful. Therefore, I started from Taobao. It was very cheap, only 80. In fact, Apple's route is more beautiful, but the route to me is "poor children", so Oh! ! Or look at the map!


Bedrooms 3 and 3 2, 1 bedroom mini router to almost far away, why only 80% signal strength? ? ?

Are there several kinds of wireless electronic products routed in my room and caused interference between them!

Depressed ~~ However, 80% of the signal strength should be sufficient. Let's test the speed.

Strong, half-meter-thick walls still have 60% of the signal, it seems the built-in wire is not bad


Overall this section of the router looks beautiful, stylish, simple, more features, management interface is simple, easy Understand,

The product is small and portable.

Testing my internet speed disadvantages: This section of the router is dedicated to tablet computers and mobile phones, so it is more than enough to use in a room in a hotel for travel and use in a single room at home. , but as a pillar of the wireless solution throughout the home is

somewhat farfetched.

I plan to use this "cottage" for a while.

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