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Smart NAT function, Hi-Tech HiPER, 840 routing

2018-05-28 13:01:56

Aytech HiPER840 uses Reiter's independently developed ReOS network operating system, which has strong security features in addition to the common functions of broadband routers such as intelligent NAT, firewall, bandwidth management, IP/MAC binding, and service management. , Easy to use, cost-effective and outstanding features, the current section of the Hitech 840 Hitech price is 889 yuan, and interested friends may wish to pay more attention!

In terms of performance, the HiTech 840 HiPER 840 has intelligent NAT capabilities that support mixed use of NAPT, NAT, and routing with extremely high data throughput. . The router packet forwarding rate is 50Kpps and supports 30K NAT sessions with a standby capacity of 80 or less. In addition, HiPER840 breaks through the traditional management model and introduces a three-tiered management architecture. It divides the entire network into three layers: global, group, and personal. It creates a personalized network through deep management, making it easy to understand. .

The role of the router

In terms of security, HiPER840 uses ReOSVSTART software to support users to perform various related configurations, and implements a one-key closure strategy for ARP, DoS/DDoS, Shockwave, Sasser, QQ, MSN, and P2P. Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, small Internet cafes, schools and other institutions.

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