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Steps and setup methods for loading routers

2018-01-05 10:56:05

now, the computer had entered innumberable families, the network to every one of us tightly together, most families use a computer to the Internet, and to realize the first step of Internet access, and most important step is to install the router, the router, can realize the home network, also can share the network, so that more people can through your router to the Internet, but the router installation and setup the router also has certain steps and methods.Everybody is not very clear, this article will introduce friends to router installation and setup.

router installation steps:

1. Good pick up line?

broadband cats and routing of the WAN port (generally for a special color, no number) with cable connected, routing of the LAN port (generally for numbered 4 mouth, there are more) connected to a computer network card, wireless router is the same as the cable connection.

2. Open the cat, routing, computer, check the computer's IP and gateway, method for, start - control panel - network and Internet network share center - change adapter Settings - right-click local connection - state.Or right-click the desktop network neighborhood attributes - check network connection

3. Into the router, in your browser's address bar to input your gateway (general or the login page by routing instructions (no routing will be on the back) enter the user name password, enter the routing Settings page.

4. Set the routing, network parameters - WAN Settings - the connection type of PPPOE - enter the user name password - choose automatic connection - save;The DHCP service open;A wireless router, open wireless capabilities, according to the prompt a password.Set up, save the exit.

5. PC Settings, right-click local connection - - TCP/IP protocol - attribute - the IP address and DNS are set to automatically obtain, also can set a fixed address, fixed IP top three the same as the gateway, the last his calm, fixed DNS to surf the Internet query, query the broadband providers in local DNS.

router set method:

domain filtering set

to control computer in the LAN access to certain sites, can guarantee a healthy Internet environment, put an end to bad web site.Set method: security Settings - domain filtering, fill in the effective time, domain name and other information.

time online set up

hours of Internet restrictions, easy to access the user time management.Setting methods: security Settings - firewall setup wizard, fill in the ban on Internet time, you can control LAN machine cannot access the Internet in this period of time

virtual server Settings:

defines the wan service port mapping relationship with LAN server, easy to form a WEB server, FTP server.Setting methods: forwarding rules - a virtual server, to fill in the corresponding server port and server IP address.More than

is a small make up today give you a list of some of the router installation steps and some setting method, in fact, the router setting method still has a lot of, according to the different needs and different Settings, you can improvise, according to its own idea to set up.Also many friends reflect the computer can't get to the Internet, it is likely to be after you install the router, with broadband dial-up again, this is certainly not, the router is surfing the Internet, so after installation can't use broadband dial-up, directly on the browser to get to the Internet.

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