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Super notebook differences, which notebook super good [graphic]

2018-01-11 09:22:31

for consumers most into the computer stores, "Super throughout the &;A rather strange noun, everybody's familiar with laptop, so, notebook super this difference in where?To see details below.


super this Ultrabook what mean for Ultra thin and light notebook, Ultra mean extreme, Ultrabook refers to the extreme thin notebook products, namely we often say the Ultra thin and light notebook, Chinese translation for super "Throughout the &;Ben.Super this has the following several characteristics:

1, super this adopted mixed solid state drives or hard drive, SSD SSD HDD has great advantages, strengthen in the read/write speed has the very big, can make the notebook fast reading, fast switch machine.At the same time has also has a lot to improve seismic.

2, signed in the concept of super thin, super didn't drive, so this is to read the data by U disk, wireless transmission and so on and so on.

3, super this optimization of the external interface, such as some of the laptop VGA interface entirely, as the wireless network promotion, the future of super the external interface will be drawn down to only meet the basic requirement of the user.

4, super this based on the concept of light, so the fuselage with strong metal materials, it is also an improvement on the basis of the original notebook, not only the external appearance more beautiful, but also more strong and durable.

5, super is the adoption of a new generation of 22 nm ivy bridge processor, this money is low power consumption CPU processor, so the battery life will significantly increase.Launched in 2013 will dominate the Haswell Intel processors, officially launched this CPU will now only half of the CPU power consumption, there is no doubt that battery life will be extended.


super super this difference between the two biggest characteristic is light, thin, and the use of the CPU makes it extended battery life, so super this is more suitable for office users.Average daily entertainment, online games, play high-definition movies are no problem, but large 3 d games may also won't run (super) this is the integrated graphics, super the difference between this and the notebook can be summarized as the following:

1, 22 nm CPU low power consumption, battery life can be up to 12 hours, far more than notebook battery life.

2, read and write speed, boot/start speed is much faster than a laptop.Start time less than 10 seconds.

3, super this has phone AOAC function (refers to the notebook computer through the network, then at the WLAN or WWAN after entering sleep mode or sleep mode can still maintain a network connection and data transmission, such as E-mail, download, etc.), is this laptop does not have.

4, super light, thin, will be more than the laptop are ornamental: look around 13 to 17 mm, weight is 1.2 Kg, only laptop half the weight.


laptop notebook super which good

now many people like to buy a laptop, then power as a desktop, which are very convenient for many people, for the size of

compared with

mobile desktop, notebook is more and more let a person like, convenient, suitable for office on a business trip and so on

performance is becoming more and more close to the desktop, the screen size is more less.Can satisfy office game to watch video, and so on need


. Volume

look over many ordinary notebook appearance is really a monster, just and super than this, if only to be used as a desktop use was don't mind, can be super this pursuit is thin, looks like a magazine,


than ordinary notebook also reduce some weight, normal laptop might be 3.5 kg, but super this will only be about 2.5 kg, it is more convenient to take.

3. Life and standby

laptop can say must connect power completely, 1 hour not meet basically no electricity, super this has 3 hours or even more, could you speak more than 2 hours, the current technology in this way. More than

is the notebook super small make up to introduce the difference, hope can help to you.More about notebook super the other related information, please continue to pay attention.

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