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Support WDS wireless bridging technology, Mercury MW548R routing

2018-07-24 11:53:41

Bubble network wireless channel March 27 Mercury MW548R wireless router transmission speed is 54M, it provides 8 network interfaces (1 LAN/WAN, 7 10/100M adaptive WAN port), can be Connect more equipment for SMEs with more computers. Now it's offer is 188 yuan, there are needs of users can think about it.

The antenna gain of Mercury's MW548R is 5dBi, and all 8 interfaces support auto-flip. Users can choose any of them as a broadband interface without conflict. The elastic bandwidth control (IPQoS) technology can make reasonable use of bandwidth resources. Built-in firewalls and WEP, WPA encryption and other technologies also prevent user information from being stolen.

This product complies with the IEEE802.11g standard and uses Mercury's New Vision wireless transmission technology, the transmission distance is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary 11b, 11g products, the transmission range is extended to 4 to 9 times, there is no need to worry about receiving no signal in a large area of ​​the office area, and it also supports WDS wireless The bridging technology can be connected with other wireless routers to further expand the signal coverage.

The 8 LAN ports provided by this product can be connected to more devices. It is convenient for many people to surf the Internet. The current quotation is 188 yuan. Interested friends can consult the distributors. Also get more discounts.

Mercury MW548R

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