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Supports dual in and out, Belkin wireless router

2018-06-19 16:35:17

FoNet Network Channel On June 23rd, Belkin's F7D2301zh "fast" wireless router is stylish, with excellent performance and 300M wireless transmission. It is a good choice for setting up wireless networks in homes, small and medium-sized offices, etc. Currently quoted at 390 yuan, friends who are interested may wish to pay attention.

Performance, the Belkin Wireless Router meets the 802.11n network protocol, built-in dual antennae, supports 2x2 MIMO (dual in and double out), and expands the network coverage, and It further enhances the data transmission capability and provides users with up to 300M of wireless transmission. In order to ensure network security, Belkin wireless router supports WPS one-key encryption, allowing users to quickly set up a secure network, and support WPS / WPA2 and other security encryption technology, a comprehensive network from.

BelkinRouter Setup Belkin F7D2301zh (Swipe Version)


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