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Switch configuration method and detailed configuration method of network switch

2018-01-03 16:23:10

In A fool "Type switch is wanton today, how to configure the switches for many people is a profound knowledge, even when asked about the switch how to configure, someone asks. Switches also need to configure?Indeed, switch configuration process is complex, and depending on the brand and product are different, so we should be how to configure the switches?This article will introduce in a way that is by combining with the specific switch configuration, hope to be of help.

local configuration about

switch local configuration, first look at some of the switches physical connection.Local configuration way is through the computer and switch the Console”Port connection way to communicate directly.

computer and switch Console”Port

network switches have commonly "Console”Ports, used for switch configuration.

physical connections to be performed after the completion of the switch configuration software, the following to cisco Catalyst 1900 "As an example to illustrate how to switch software configuration:

step 1: click Start "Button, Application "The menu The attachment "Option click The super terminal ", the pop-up interface as shown.Step 2:

double click Hypertrm”Icon, pop-up dialog box as shown.This dialog is used for opposing a new super terminal connection.Step 3:

in Name "Text box type to the level of a new super terminal connection name, this basically is to facilitate the identification, no special requirements, this type Cisco”, if you want to as this link to choose a favorite ICONS, you can also choose one in the icon bar below, then click Identify "Button, the pop-up as shown in the dialog box.Step 4:

in When the connection to use "The drop-down list box selection and switches connected to the computer's serial port.Click Identify "Button, the pop-up as shown in the dialog box.Step 5:

in Baud rate "The drop-down list box to select Throughout 9600 &;Because it is the highest communication rate of serial port, other options all the default values.Click Identify "Button, if the normal communication will appear similar to the following main configuration interface, and will be displayed in this window switches the initial configuration of the situation.

catalyst 1900 Management Console

Copyright (c) Cisco Systems, Inc.1993-19997894 54054739

all rights reserved.

Standard Edition Software

Ethernet address:00-E0-1E-7E-B4-40

PCA Number:73-2239-01

PCA Serial Number:SAD01200001

Model Number:WS-C1924-A

System Serial Number:FAA01200001

User Interface Menu

[M]Menus// master configuration menu

[I]IP Configuration//IP address and other configuration

[P]Console Password// controls password configuration

Enter Selection:// is here to enter a quick letter to select the item, and then press the return key to confirm it.

so far has officially entered the switch configuration interface, the following work can formal configuration switches.

switches the basic configuration of

after entering configuration screen, if it is a configuration for the first time, the first thing is to be is the IP address configuration, this is mainly for the remote configuration.The IP address configuration method is as follows:

in front of configuration screen Throughout the Enter Selection: &;After the input I”Letters, and then click the enter key, the following Configuration information:

the IP Configuration Menu appears.

Catalyst 1900 - IP Configuration

Ethernet Address:00-E0-1E-7E-B4-40

[I] IP address

[S] Subnet mask

[G] Default gateway

[B] Management Bridge Group

[M] IP address of DNS server 1

[N] IP address of DNS server 2

[D] Domain name

[R] Use Routing Information Protocol


[P] Ping

[C] Clear cached DNS entries

[X] Exit to previous menu

Enter Selection:

At the end of the above configuration interface the Enter Selection: &;Again after input I”Letters, select the configuration from the menu above The IP address of the IP address option, configure switches, click the enter key after appear as shown in the following configuration interface:

enter administrative IP address in dotted quad format (NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN) : / / press "NNN.NNN.NNN.Nnn“Format input IP address

current setting = = = > / / switches don't configure the IP address of the former for " On behalf of any IP address

new setting = = = >/ /

type the new IP address here if you want to configure switches the subnet mask and default gateway, respectively in the above IP configuration interface selection "S“And throughout the &;G“Items can be.Now let's learn the password configuration: more than

in IP configuration menu, select "X“Items returned to the front of the covered switch configuration screen.Throughout

input &;P“Press enter after letter, and then in a prompt to enter a 4  ̄ 8 password (for safety, on the screen are "* Display), input and press the enter key to confirm, back to the above log in the main interface.

after you have configured the IP and password, switches can be normal work according to the default configuration.If you want to change the Switch configuration, and monitor network status, you can through the control command menu, or in any place through the web-based Catalyst 1900 Switch Manager to operate.If the switch is running 1900/2820 Cisco Catalyst

enterprise edition software.You can use the command control port (the command - line interface CLI) to change the configuration.When enter the main interface configuration, is much more in the display menu item "The Command Line“Throughout, and fewer items &;The Console Password“It is in the lower menu.

1 user (s) now active on Management Console.

user Interface Menu

[M] Menus

[K] Command Line

[I] IP Configuration

Enter Selection:

in this version of the configuration method and introduces the configuration of the above method is essentially the same, different only in this version can be by way of Command (select "[K] Command Line“Item) for some more advanced configuration, here only simple introduction in this paper.

remote configuration

switch in addition to by Console”Port and computer connected directly, can also by ordinary port connection.At this point the configuration switch will not be able to use local configuration, but need to realize switch through Telnet or Web browser configuration.Specific configuration method is as follows:

1, Telnet

Telnet protocol is a kind of remote access, through which can log on to the switch is configured.

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