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TL, WR886N router how to set regular automatic restart

2018-02-13 13:44:53

routers use after period of time, if has been in operation, the speed will sometimes card, then let the router automatic timing restart will be a good way, so how to make the router automatic timing to restart?

1, found on the underside of the router, the router's IP address, and then in the browser address bar enter the IP address of the corresponding login router after

2, login router, enter the application management page, and then find "Time to restart "Icon, click on the following "Enter "Button, then pops up regularly to restart page

3, first choose time switch status to "Open ", and then click "Add a timer switch rules "Quick links,

4, the next time Settings page pops up, gave a name to time description, then set up below

5, set up after the completion of the restart time and frequency, finally click "Save "Button.

6, if at the time of setting time to restart, popups "Failed to get the network time, time to restart function will automatically take effect after successful access to the network time ", in general, is not normal to get to the Internet router, can solve the problem of

commonly need to reset the router

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