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TP-LINK Wireless Router Password Settings - Router Password

2018-05-24 12:38:38

There are three types of circle in the wireless router to prevent others from connecting wireless signals:

1. Stop the wireless signal from being added. After setting up dilute, each wireless client can connect to the wireless collection as long as it knows the exact password, and the highest security level is. Make use of WPA-PSK to add rare cases

PS: WEP in wireless routers Adding thinnings to each key type Requires a number of spare keys:

64-bit thin keys: ASCII characters 5 10 hexadecimal characters

128-bit thin keys: 13 ASCII characters, 26 hexadecimal characters

152-bit thin keys: ASCII characters 16 , 32 hexadecimal characters

2. Wireless MAC location filtering. After the setting example, only the licensed wireless clients stop connecting and other users connect. The following figure only permits "Zhang San" to use wireless collection.

Road router wireless password settings PS: This round case is used for the flow of less notebooks to join the wireless collection.

3. The SSID is being disabled in the router. After the SSID is disabled, the wireless network card cannot identify the wireless collection name of the router, and is not connected to the wireless collection.

PS: This round case is used for mobile notebooks to collect.

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