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TP-LINK password shows how many more digits?

2018-01-23 14:03:36

a lot of people have such doubt, is when PPPOE dial-up Internet access with a broadband connection, their input password saved router enter the actual figures are much?Is below small make up of some relevant data about TP - LINK password, for your reference.

tp -

tp LINK password knowledge - the LINK code display digits more

because the router is normal in the PPPOE dial setting, for security reasons, after setting up the router PPPOE dial, no matter how many bits, set the password for the default password will be displayed as 13 "* "Or "Low "And router support input password up to 13.

after the completion of input on the router has recorded the password you set access, can guarantee correct dial-up Internet access.

don't shows how your password for a specific, is to protect your online password.

so you don't have to worry about details such as graphic display of the actual figures, this is good.

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