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TP-Link router how to prevent rub against WiFi

2018-02-13 14:31:00

TP - Link wireless router is home users the most used, TP - how the ceng WiFi Link?This is confused by a lot of new friends.Today to bring us the detailed TP - Link wireless router security strategy, can guarantee the safety of your home router to 99%.

so-called TP prevent ceng cc-link network Settings, based mainly on to improve the security of router Settings, and hacker card can't find the Bug, so as to realize network security, through the following security Settings, can block 99% of the hacker attacks effectively, for the vast majority of users, the basic can be absolutely safe.Nonsense not much said, here to teach you how to set up the router.

first log in TP cc-link router Settings management interface.Method is to open a browser, then enter, then enter the router login user name and password, you can find these in router shell nameplate landing information,

a, modify the router address

in order to ensure the security of router background management interface, the first thing we need to modify the address.Log in TP - Link after the router management interface, click the left 】 【 network parameters, and then click "LAN port Settings", and change the default IP address

suggest that we will change the default to other address, such as changing (behind two arbitrary changes), changes the click save, then you will be prompted to restart to take effect, we reset the can.

note, after landing the default address changed, it is recommended that you'd better write down, in order to avoid the late oneself forget, also can't login the router management.

2, modify the router to the default account name and password most TP -

Link router to the default user name and password for the default admin, this is very unsafe, once the ceng net, they are free to use this known to many accounts, log in to your router, steal broadband accounts and other private information, therefore the default admin password is also to the change.Specific modification method for, click on the left side at the bottom of the "system tools", "change password"

ps. You can change the router's password to their familiar with account and password.After modification, ceng net or other hackers, cannot know the router password, unable to check the router inside information.

three, set up hidden SSID

SSID is we use the wireless devices can search to the wireless network name, if the router Settings hidden SSID, other smart phones, laptops can't search to our wireless network, so can effectively enhance network security.Tp -

Link wireless router Settings hidden SSID is very simple, the basic security Settings of the wireless set, will open the SSID broadcasting 】 【 in front of the box, and then click save to

ps. Hidden SSID, hackers can be found with the help of other tools, but can get most of the mobile phones, laptop users unable to find a search unless you use the professional tools.

four, to improve the security of the wireless network password entered the TP -

Link of the wireless router wireless setup the wireless security Settings 】 【 】, select the highest level of the WPA wpa2-psk/connected wpa2-psk 】 encryption, "PSK password", that is, the Wifi password, try to set up the complex, the length is more than eight, to package case contain a combination of letters and Numbers, enhance the complexity of the wireless password and length can effectively prevent some wireless password card brute force.After

changed to high difficulty of complex password, click save at the bottom of the can.

five, binding Mac (advanced security Settings) in TP -

Link wireless router "wireless Settings", click into the wireless Mac address 】 【 Settings, and then open the Mac address filtering function 】 first, and then your computer Mac address or cell phone Mac address add added binding, and then save.

router MAC set equal to the router to your computer or mobile phone/tablet binding, realize only binding equipment can get to the Internet, can effectively ensure the security of the router, so other devices even cracked the wireless password, but since there is no binding equipment, so can't surf the Internet.

six routing guard, installation or 360 routing guard tool to prevent ceng net

for router security at present, already have software vendors introduced a router security guards, another 360 security guards, joined the router to guard, through such tools can be convenient to check the access of the wireless router equipment, if found a strange device connection, we can disable or pull into the blacklist, it also can effectively prevent the TP - the Link is ceng network, very suitable for small white friends recommend.

for most of the families in the request is not high or personal user, because the environment is no hacker, through a simple security Settings of a few action, to guarantee the router wireless security.For some small white friends, main at ordinary times need to pay attention to modify the router password, try to set up a complex wireless Wifi password security software, and install some router can ensure the safety of the daily surfing the Internet.Above is about TP -

the introduction of how to prevent the ceng WiFi Link routers, hope to help you!

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