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TP-Link router tplogin.cn can't do it

2018-01-05 17:27:29
Tp -

Link address router management background login interface has passed from the original to tplogin. Cn, to set up automatic broadband dial-up, change the wireless password, as well as the speed limit operation need to log in to manage the background to operate.If tplogin cn all can't open, that everything is impossible, take a look at below tplogin. Cn can't open the solution.Tp -

Link router management background can't open the solution:

1. Check the wiring of

check whether the Internet cable for my computer is connected to the correct port (1, 2, 3, 4, any LAN port), to ensure that the light on the computer network interface corresponding to a router interface (green) is normal.

note: part of the router lights in the top plate, mark 1, 2, 3, 4.

2. Confirm the computer automatically obtain the IP address of the computer

cable network adapter (local) is set to obtain IP address automatically, click the operating system you use to check the setup steps.

Windows XP, Windows 7 8

3. Confirm the correct login way

IP router management background have domain login and log in two ways: (1)

a. domain login in the router at the bottom of the tin on a Administration page: tplogin. Cn.

b. Open a browser and enter tplogin. Cn after return, will pop up the login dialog.C.

page popup login screen, enter account and password to log in.

(2) using IP address login

a. check the computer automatic access to the default gateway address, the address is the router's IP address management.

b. For example, see the computer automatic access to a gateway is, said the management of the change of address for a router IP address.Open the IE browser, enter in the address bar and press enter.

4. Check the browser Settings

please check your browser Settings, inspection method is as follows:

disable dial-up connection: open the IE browser, click on the tools >>Internet options, select the connection >>Never use dial-up connection.

to disable the network proxy: click on the tools >>Internet options, select the connection >>LAN Settings, ensure that all three options is not checked, and click ok, back to the previous Internet options dialog box, click ok.As shown in the figure below:

closed offline: offline will affect the normal browsing the web, click on the browser file >>Offline work, make sure that work offline check in front of the removed.

set up, try to login the router management interface.

5. Replace the browser or computer

change browsers (Firefox/Firefox, Google Chrome or other browser) or replace other computer try to login admin interface.

6. Reset the router

router current state, the use of paper clips and other cutting-edge objects, hold down the router panel reset button after 5 to 8 seconds, the front panel lights flash three times is a normally on, indicates that the router reset successfully.

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