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TP-Link wireless router how to set a password?

2018-01-22 16:06:39
Tp -

Link wireless router Settings, there is no open wireless capabilities by default, so if your router is new or just reset again, so you need a network cable to connect to your computer and the router to be set.With Internet connect the computer and the router after open the router power, you can start to set up the router.Need to set the password with the router login passwords and password two wireless connections, let's look at specific setting methods below.

a, TP - Link wireless router set the router login user and password (password) management,


open IE browser into the router Settings interface, enter the router to the default address in the address bar, enter after will jump out of the login window required to enter your user name and password, as follows:

router login screen

enter the user name and password (the default user name: admin, password: admin), click ok button to set the router into the interface.

2, in setting up the router page on the left side of the tree, in turn, click the system Settings ->Modify the login password, login password change into the interface.Please see the following icon:

tree list interface

to modify the login password input in the above screen you want to set up the new user name and password, click on the save button after the completion of complete login user and password Settings.Second, TP -

Link wireless router set up wireless password

wireless parameters on it in the list on the left side of the tree.Into wireless parameter Settings, the following figure:

basic wireless parameters and

in wireless password interface Settings interface, the first thing to check the open wireless capabilities and allow SSID broadcasting, and then open check the security Settings, select safe type for WEP, choice for ASCII key format.Details you can see above Settings.

keys is the password, is we use the wireless network card to connect wireless router on the Internet need to enter a security code, usually need to set a password.People who do not know the password even if the search to our signal could pass our router secretly surf the Internet.Recommendations will be password easy to remember Numbers and letters combination for himself.After the completion of the

set up the router click save button, completes the password.Now your router is very safe, don't worry about being easy ceng network parameters or tampered with by others.

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