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TP-link routing settings on the speed of what effect

2018-01-15 09:00:35

a, if a network broadcast packets to all communications package of more than 30%, the network performance is significantly decreased.Now, almost all switches provide the support of VLAN.Although VLAN Settings have a little bit of trouble, but because its to significantly improve the performance of, suggest to configure VLAN, the network administrator.

2, a router is a very powerful, but also has the very good speed.So, in the case of can, an enterprise should try to buy a router, and buying speed enough to satisfy the requirements of the enterprise router.Routing protocols in general is connected to the ISP PPP, there is no too much configuration improvements, part of the router support ACL access control, through the reasonable configuration to block a portion of its flow, increase the network bandwidth.

three, network card, router, and incorrect DNS Settings or incorrect Settings, can really make you broadband narrow band, a lot of the time is not a problem communication operators, but your set of hardware and software failure, network adapter will be influential to speed, from the Internet to enter a port, decided to speed is the bandwidth of the network, and the internal computer data transmission is determined on baud rate card, don't think, is mainly due to the computer now is 10/100 of the adaptive network adapter installed, few KM CARDS and more advanced network card installed, because there is no comparison, so don't think network adapter and network relations is too big.Independent nics are superior to the integrated network card occupy less system resources, and won't interrupt mistakes, suggest to buy a separate network adapter to install, integrate the motherboard adapter is blocked.

four, the workings of a network adapter can be for full-duplex and half duplex, when servers, switches, workstations working state does not match, such as servers, workstations, network adapter is set to a state of full duplex, switches, hubs, etc all work in half duplex state, can produce a large number of collisions frame and some FCS checksum error frame, access speed becomes very slow, from copies of a 20 MB file on the server may need to 5 ~ 10 minutes.Five or

at the ends of the network connection card are in full-duplex mode performance is the highest, and on a PC card easily by software is user accidentally or intentionally set to half duplex mode.Monitor the connection speed to find out two ports duplex Settings match is very important.Expert proposal, using a technique called Multi - the router Traffic Grapher software to monitor the performance of the network connection to determine both sides opened the full duplex Settings.Six, the influence of the network card for speed

is some, but may influence is not particularly big, we did not feel it out.Speed impact factors, in addition to the network card, in fact, other factors more easily, such as switches, routers, the impact on the speed.

after the introduction, I believe you have the router Settings have deeper understanding, you can control your own Settings are optimized, in order to improve his speed, more on this knowledge, you can see the Fast wireless router Settings.

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