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Take a look at the wrong settings of these router passwords

2018-06-19 17:02:07

Cisco Certification Exam: Look at how many of these router password misconfigurations you have committed.

As network administrators, we are exposed to one or more network devices on a daily basis. However, for SME networks, The most important equipment is the routers and core switches. If there is a problem with these devices, all employees of the enterprise will not be able to access the Internet. Equipment failure is usually divided into hardware failure and software failure. Compared with the two, software failure accounts for a very large proportion, and network security is the most important issue in software failure. That is, the security of routers and switches must be ensured. A high-security password must be added to the routing switching device. However, the author recently entered a misunderstanding when setting up a router password. The direct consequence is that the user cannot log in to the router management interface because of an error in the operation. Write here to share with your readers and help more network administrators avoid similar problems.

I. Introduction

The network exit of the unit was achieved through Huawei's 2621 router connected to optical fiber, Ethernet port 1 to cat, and Ethernet port 2 to subordinate switch equipment. In order to improve the security of the equipment, the author prepared to add a user and corresponding password to Huawei 2621 router and set it as management authority.

Router Password Settings II. The whole process of setting up misunderstandings

The author has used routine methods to set up route switching devices.

Step 1: Use the “telnetip address” command to log in to the Huawei 2621 router. Enter the administrator account and password before entering the management interface (Figure 1).

Figure 1

< Tips: At present, the password mechanism of Huawei devices is still quite powerful. It adopts an account name and password for authentication. This mechanism for double authentication of users' passwords is larger than that of previous Cisco devices only using password authentication. improvement.

Step 2: Use the "local-userrootservice-typeadministrator" command to modify the command for the root administrator account.

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