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Teach you how to connect to set up a wireless router

2018-05-17 11:20:50

[IT168 Technology] First, if there is a wireless router, then first turn on the power, and then plug in the Internet cable, insert the line into the wan port (usually the blue port), and then casually plug the cable connected to the computer Which lan port, after doing these jobs, then you will see an address and account password behind the router. Once connected, enter the address you see on the router, usually u> (Of course, if your home is connected to the Internet using a telephone line, then you should also prepare a modem, commonly known as "cat")

Set up the wireless router Click Next, enter the Internet settings, we can see There are three options for accessing the Internet. If your home is dial-up, use PPPoE. The dynamic IP computer can be used directly by plugging in a network, and the upper layer has a DHCP server. Static IP is usually what the private line, it may be the bandwidth of the cell, the upper layer does not have a DHCP server, or want to fix the IP. I chose pppoe because I dialed.

Then after entering the next step is the wireless settings, we can see the channel, mode, security options, SSID and so on, the general SSID is a name, you can fill in, and then the pattern is mostly With 11bgn. wireless security options we want to choose wpa-psk/wpa2-psk, so that security, so as not to let people easily crack and hack.

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