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Teach you how to set the password of the wireless router

2018-07-24 12:22:12

Many people often use wireless routers because they have long passwords, are too complicated, and don't remember. Some people even don't know where the password is and which password to enter when the wireless connection prompts for a password. In light of the above, I will use the JCGJHR-N815R router as an example to introduce the wireless router's wireless connection password.

First of all, just bought the wireless router with a password at the factory, like JHR-N815R this router is a machine code, each router has its own password, each one is Are not the same. This can be your network security. So where can this password be found? We look at the back of the router.

You can see from the picture A "network key", here is the password for the wireless connection. Note: There is a letter in the password here, these letters are case-sensitive.

If you want to change the password or encryption method, you need to enter the router's settings page. The setup steps are as follows:

Connect the router with a network cable, then enter in your browser to access the router's settings page and click on the wireless connection. Go to the wireless settings page.

"Certificate key" is here Wireless connection password, you can modify the password here, if the selected security mode is "WPA personal" or "WPA2 personal", then the modified password must be more than 8 digit numbers or letters, Note: The letters here are the size of the distinction written.

Note: There is a place to note here is the "safe mode" Here, the factory default security mode is "WPA2 personal", this security mode is more advanced, if your system is WindowsXPServicePack2 , then your computer does not support this advanced security model, you need to choose the "WPA personal" security model.

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