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Teach you how to change the router password

2018-01-23 12:48:00

half a month ago, small make up the home to install the wireless network, the small make up to set up the curious thing about this network.In most cases, the router passwords are set by professional staff, ordinary users rarely changes.However there is a password leak, low security protection, easy to crack, and many other conditions.

so far in today's wireless security attaches great importance to today, master the basic fundamental knowledge of router Settings has become very important.Since

your wireless security escort by you.

basic knowledge: and belongs to the class C address of the IP address, belong to retain the IP, dedicated to the router Settings.

well, remember " "And " "The two unique IP addresses.It is also possible for " ".

of course, as the market is a kaleidoscope of router brand, into the router management background page address is also different, but most of the router login will write the address on the back.

this case to their "huawei routers "As a case, other routers may be different, but is pretty much the same, believe clever you will understand.Change the Settings:

. Open a browser.

2. Enter the address in the address bar, the address is different.Will be subject to actual behind a router that IP address.Enter the IP address and press the enter key to jump.

3. The password input management, press the return key to jump.The default management account for: admin, password is empty.Modified with the modified password is accurate.

4. Ok, entered the management user interface, you can see that the user is ceng net to ban it.Let it connect only hot flow cannot be used.

5. The selection "Advanced Settings "In the bar "The wireless set "Under "Master network ", but the "The name of the wireless "And "Wireless password "Modifications to ensure safety.Advanced Settings:

. The local area network (LAN) in the web management "LAN web administrative rights "Set to "Allows you to specify only the MAC address of host access to the WEB management interface "And heavenly sword the current management of the host MAC address, and save the Settings, so others won't be able to login to your router background management page.

2. Change the remote WEB management, set to "Ban on remote management "Remote control, thus greatly avoid the others for your wireless network.

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