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Teach you how to crack other people with a password for wireless routing

2018-01-23 09:19:52

in his notebook found around the house with the new wireless signal, the signal is very good, but is encrypted, so I found out before buy a ceng network equipment (the so-called ceng network equipment is common on the market, huang, king, black stones card series, the network adapter using RL8187 chips, with a better antenna can ceng network) to crack the password encryption route.(notebook wireless card chip does not support function of crack).Software is used by BT3.

here, I'll give you an overview of less BT3.BT3 full Back Track 3, this is a portable Linux environment system, can start on the U disk or CD, and the mirror image of the VMware VMware virtual machine start-up are available, and has no impact on the hard drive itself, without the local installation.

BT3 is circles very famous hacker attacks platform, namely a packaged good Linux operating system, built a large number of network security detection tools, and hackers decode software, etc.BT3 is famous for easy to crack the wireless network, one of the built-in spoonwep is a very powerful graphical crack WEP wireless network password tool.BT3 with infinite crack, rub card together, such as its principle is caught, the same string in numerous packet detection, analyzes its password.BT3 can only break WEP, WPA, connected the three kind of encryption method, usually in most cases several encryption wireless router is done with this.Cracking can not always break, this requires the signal, the user hardware and use all sorts of reasons, such as signal not just have a lot of packets is not captured, the user's use, the more the more packets, can crack to the packet in more than ten thousand, and then to analyze the password, the best people and use it every time in the daytime.With the client's wireless router will be bigger, the chance of cracking rate with luck as long as 10 minutes, it will be a few hours, because want to capture packets over ten thousand, but there are exceptions, sometimes twenty thousand packets can't crack.I'll give you explain how to use

BT3 around to crack encrypted wireless networks.

1. The first to look at the first I received signal of wireless networks.

2. I choose a network to explain, I chose the "Abo"I try to "Abo"To connect.

3. It's a pity that the somebody else encrypted, need password, otherwise unable to enter.But I don't know the password.

don't know the password can't connect to the Internet, this needs with my ceng network equipment and BT3 for cracked.First of all, from the first site up and down a bt3 image file.Secondly, install BT3, here to explain how to install BT3, install BT3, there are several ways of the most common is to use CD, usb stick and virtual machine for the installation.Buy a DVD with cd-rom installation simple and empty plate, with a catalog or Nero burned image.Using virtual machine installation, I'll explain later in the virtual machine installation, mainly explain with u disk installation today.

1. Insert a on the computer above 1 g u disk, and formatting.

2. Find the image file you downloaded BT3

3. UltraISO software was used to extract.

4. The software running UltraISO, point open, find the image file you downloaded.

5. The selected image files in the folder.

6. Some software on the front panel "To extract "In the pop-up drive options to choose their own usb drive.

7. My U disk is I offer

8 points "Identify "Began to extract

9. After extracting open the U disk, saw the two folders one is bt3 one boot, then the size of the U disk should be more than 700 m.

10. The bt3 is packed into a U disk, step to the not yet, still have to do the U disk boot program.PM -Run, type CMD, and determine the

11 points to determine the operation of the system will pop up after a DOS box.

12. After the cursor type CD \\ will return to C disk root directory, understand DOS friends can not go to the steps.





17.这时我想进入boot文件夹,只要输入cd boot就可以了(记住cd和boot之间要用空格隔开)。

18. So we went into the boot folder.

19. The old way to see what under the boot folder, direct input dir enter.

20. The boot file folder

20. At that time input bootinst. Bat commands, enter

22. Then you will see a few lines of letters in a black box, then press except "X"Any key (in & of the other;X"On behalf of the exit)

23. The system automatically install guide tool, please later...

24 type exit out of the

after the success of the installation, a BT3 guide u disk is finished, we can use it to match our network devices to cracked.

shall we connect our ceng network equipment, antenna had better put in window edge, according to the good drive in a computer, in we just make good U disk.Restart your computer, start up after u disk boot in the BIOS Settings.If you are a disc is set to start disc.


1.在选择界面上选择BT3 Graphics mode (KDE)




5.NETCARD 网卡接口 选择WALN0.




6.在弹出的框中左上角菜单中选择FIXED CHAN 点右上角的LAUNCH进行全频段扫描。

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