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Teach you how to limit the speed of WiFi network and limit the method of WiFi network speed

2018-01-04 13:21:43

wi-fi has been into the many families now our life everywhere is covered with wifi.Whether it's large office buildings or small restaurants, has set the wifi.But the faster wifi to use, the more traffic.Many places are taken control and limit the wifi connection method, the speed limit on wifi.So you know how to limit wifi?May be a lot of people don't understand, then, small make up to explain for everybody, how to do how to limit the wifi Internet connection.Method

how to limit the wifi speed:


1, first of all, we want to log in the website, in the router's management interface to find The DHCP server "To switch into Static address allocation ".Then we will see Add a new entry ", select it and add the new MAC address and IP address.

2, now switch to IP broadband limit "This TAB, and then right-click, can begin to limit the use of the IP address, the value manually input range.Using wireless routing device set after the client, through this Wifi access, access to the equipment will be automatically assigned to the fixed IP address, which is limited.Methods 2,


of course, there are some wireless router is not support to limit of IP broadband, so want to use other methods.At this time we should use the network to limit the speed of software.You can use P2P terminator ", "Trunk network management "The limit of the speed of wifi Internet connection.Go directly to baidu search download is ok.After

2, now create Monitoring network segment "And then break The new monitoring network segment ", create a monitoring network segment.To create a good window input name and wireless card type.

3, now click this: Start monitoring "After entering the main interface, click Allocation strategy "And "The new strategy ".Now we build a Limit the Wifi speed "And in Limit the Wifi speed "The window to switch, now will see broadband limit TAB, start the host total net broadband limit this option.Sure is completed, will be to restart the computer, restart, our computer wifi will limit speed can be successful.How speed limit others


router still TPLink wireless router, for example.First of all, in the browser's address bar, type background login IP router, and then enter account and password into the router management background.Because routers when assigning IP, every once in a while will update, so we'll be the first to the IP address and MAC address binding, to ensure that the distribution of each IP is the same, so as not to limit the wrong connection of others.

we must first view of the existing IP and corresponding MAC address bar.Click on the left side The DHCP server ", select The client list ", write down the right side shows the corresponding IP and MAC address, this must be written to.Then click on the left side Static address allocation "Link, click on the right Add a new entry "Button.Then on the right input the correct corresponding MAC and IP addresses, then State "Choice for Effective ", and then click "Save "Button to save, this step is for the sake of speed and flow control always correct.Repeat the previous two steps to to add all the IP.Then click on the left side of the

IP bandwidth control "Links, on the right to check Open IP bandwidth control "Check box and select the right speed in the following, then fill in the following rules to control the size of IP and bandwidth, also set up their own computer Ensure minimum bandwidth ", and all options Enable ", and then click Save "Button to save all the Settings.

through the above steps can speed limit others in the router, it is important to note to match the MAC address and IP address first, does not restrict wrong other people's network security.

through designed door limit speed of wifi Internet software to limit wireless LAN network, control wifi Internet connection.

through special wireless network control software to limit the wifi speed is also a very effective method.At present domestic there are a lot of limit speed of wifi Internet in the field of network management software.For example, there is a Trunk network management "Software in the local area network (LAN) a computer installed, you can control the whole local area network (LAN) a computer, Internet equipment, also can be used for wireless LAN wifi speed limit.

in particular, can detect LAN, wireless router for LAN mobile phones, the function of the tablet, discovery can use Trunk network management "Outright ban on wireless router to the Internet, so all of the mobile phone to the Internet via a wireless router, tablets are not online, thus preventing the LAN to install wireless router's behavior;If your network is itself a wireless local area network (LAN), through Trunk network management "You can also direct detection in the local area network (LAN) of mobile phones, tablets, it can also be prohibited them from the Internet.More than

is how to limit the wifi connection methods and steps, you learn how to limit the wifi?Now a lot of people will connect the wifi, not login password and use scope of the provisions without wifi is particularly easy to be rubbed network.So to learn how to set up the limit of wifi, this will prevent wifi ceng by others, also can prevent the flow loss, will also make your own speed faster.Settings, it is best to amend the password also, so that we can increase the limit speed function.

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