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Teach you how to prevent other people from using your wireless network, letting the net users spit b

2018-02-06 13:32:06
Sometimes have a desktop computer at home, and laptops and mobile phones or other devices to surf the Internet at the same time with WIFI, and don't want to the net line, affect beautiful, put on the bed, have to be line, the more uncomfortable ah, so wireless router helped us a lot, but the setting is not good, it will be over the net.Speed is slow!How to prevent?See explanation!

first: are you a wireless router. Or soft routing + wireless. Is ok. Have a management function can!The following to analyze the principle of ceng network!
two years ago I was in some places had sent a ceng net tutorial, today again to send a proof of stick son, (later when not broadband, ain't that others don't rub net?), really a little - just passing by.
Internet requirements: speak only routing and computer!
1: the computer to get IP address from the router: the most common is the 192.168. *. * 192.168 at the beginning, the asterisk can be from 1 to 255, the alternative is 10.10. *. *
this international standards is reserved for internal use (16 computer network is also called LAN, such as using a router, which is a common local area network (LAN).
2: subnet mask, skip - comes to the top, the first * "Across the net "Can use in local area network (LAN) management ( instead and in different network segment and in the same network - complex.)Is that the use of the mask!Ordinary users know only: can!
3: gateway: this is important point - opened the router Settings, the default is the IP routing.For example: you buy a router on the back write: user: admin password: admin gateway is user and password are admin (must change),
4: the DNS is not important.Don't fill in is on the QQ can't on web!

the above four requirements to can get to the Internet!The following countermeasures to!!!!

set in the routing:

1: turn off the DHCP server and not let the machine to obtain an IP address;To rub the net without IP, the Internet, of course!Set the user's own IP?The next!

2: gateway - is the gateway address written in the computer: this can be set to the other: such as the default, then change the last 4 or other will do, if ceng web users have cracked the wireless password, this is not the right gateway, on the same network.
3: the wireless password complex point, can not be too long, for example, 1346 @ ~ net & (as far as possible some routing cannot add special symbol it doesn't matter, complex point!)After add symbols is hard to break your wireless password!

4: complex passwords as can break, that do?The -..The -..With ten dugu sword, drink a glass of water first, the saliva all speak dry, brain fine package dead is almost ten million.

5: there is a place in the router, you look for, is the MAC address.Here some router is not the same, but the principle is same, here is the most unique solution.All the MAC address of wireless devices in your home add, and then set inside choice, allowed on the Internet, that is to say, have your computer's MAC in the MAC address table, can on your computer, if not, even if you don't cracked the wireless routers, what is never enough!For someone else to fill in the IP, to try to find the gateway, but best of all is ceng net users of a computer network card was refused, can?What is MAC?The network card address, this can't find?Not looking for?That calculate, the above things a little complicated, see more head will take oh!
6: there's no, if there is a flow control function on the router, that was really amazing, such as I have a laptop, a WIFI handsets.That I manually set two equipment IP: and then all from to flow control in 1 KB, upload, download is 1 KB, let him get to the Internet, he is on the vomiting blood.

through the Settings above, no one ceng net -- -- -- -- -- - so can also touched the net, this technology will not to rub the wage is higher than the mountains, to buy wireless card feels with not much money!Hope you can stick to learn something, and some feeling from now on!
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