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Teach you how to turn off the firewall

2018-02-23 15:22:06

the firewall to familiar people must be very familiar with IT.The firewall is very important for the computer?Here, let's look at the firewall.

a firewall, the internal and external computer security systems, every step is a computer will have a security system.Main role is to prevent some viruses and hacking into the computer, information theft.A firewall can set up different security levels.Relatively high, can make a lot of virus software can't be used.Thus greatly to protect the safety of the computer.

why is there a firewall can be divided into several types?A firewall is a network layer, the other is the application layer of the firewall, the network layer of firewall is to filter the packets in the IP, not only that, but also can effectively prevent the virus in the web page, however, he only can prevent the virus on the surface, however, cannot prevent the intrusion of the virus.The application layer of firewall is protection when browsing the web, the viruses in the data stream.It can use various packet to find hidden in a variety of software of computer worms and viruses.

it some time, need to close the firewall, so what should we go to shut down?First, open my computer, find the control panel, and then from the control panel to open the security center, there are written on the Windows firewall security center, click, open the routine, the above options, select close (not recommended).This method is suitable for Windows XP, Windows 7 how to shut down?Actually and Windows is the same, just open the Windows firewall, on the left side of the display open or close the firewall, points after open, you can see is a special firewall, is a common firewall, as long as select close in two at the same time at the same time (not recommended).

some people say so, anyway, the computer has a firewall, I no matter what the web site or what software can be at ease, it's not necessarily that front said, cannot prevent the intrusion of the virus.So in the computer what to do things to be aware of.

for computer firewall is important, buy a good online at least tens or hundreds of thousands of yuan, so it is important to protect a computer against invading one thing.I suggest that the use of computers and try not to open the download or a virus's web site software, or wait until no firewall, then we will regret it, moreover, online or on the Internet again to enter bank card password online with the safety of the keyboard, it is best to use can prevent hackers from stealing passwords, in the future, I believe that the company will produce a high security firewall for everyone to use.

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