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Tencent universal WiFi how to create a network [Details]

2018-01-15 17:05:18

Tencent universal WiFi client supports the following creation of network mode:

1) download the latest driver and automatically create WiFi

after installation

2) successfully log in to QQ or the latest version of the Tencent computer steward on the WiFi computer and insert the device to automatically download, install, and create WiFi

suggests that first check the following:

driver failed to install successful

please reinstall the drive


is inserted into the universal WiFi device

please insert the device

network sharing is disabled

opens the shared privilege

cannot connect Internet

repair network

ICS, WiredAutoConfig, WLAN AutoConfig services fail

open the firewall and re share the

windows system version is too low

upgrade operating system

system WMI services damage

reloading system

IP conflict.

local connection is set to obtain IP address automatically (DHCP)

third-party client limit

update client above

is about tencent the WiFi way how to create a network of introduction, hope to help you!

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