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Tenda Router Advanced Settings Analysis Top

2018-07-11 16:32:12

MAC Address: Displays the MAC address of this router's LAN port. This value cannot be changed.

How to set the IP address of the Tenda router: The IP address of this router's LAN port. This address is factory set to and you can change it as needed.

Subnet mask: The subnet mask of this router's LAN port. The default setting is


If Tendarouter settings change this IP address, you must use the new IP address to enter WEB management the next time you log in to the router. interface. In addition, you must set the default gateway of the LAN computer to this new IP address to successfully surf the Internet.

The advanced settings of Tenda's routers also include a lot of other content. Readers who are interested in reading the second and the next articles

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