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Tenda Wireless Router Setup Questions

2018-05-17 15:35:29

If I know your Tenda wireless router's password, I can also control you online at any time. This is no good way. If your dad knows it, he should be your mac address.

Tenda Wireless Router Settings If you have money, you can buy a wireless LAN card. It is said that the password of the router can be automatically cracked.

Cats are modems, devices that convert telephone line signals to network cable signals. The device is attached to the cat. The router is mainly used to establish a local area network. Multiple computers simultaneously access the Internet. The wireless router can also transmit wifi signals for use by wireless devices. If your home is a broadband community, you will not have a cat.

The account and password of the general router are both admin. If your dad didn't change it, it would still be admin. Try it. It is estimated that your dad has changed his password.

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