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The full text introduces the setting method of TP-Link wireless router 4

2018-07-11 17:01:37

Here is the list of hosts that have been disabled after clicking dos. This is the same as the title. It shows the status of disabled hosts. Here is the static routing information for the router. Click Add. The new entry will be shown in the next picture. Here is the purpose of setting the static route's IP address. Here is the static IP and MAC binding.


Here is the router's static routing information. Click Add new entry to the next picture.

Set the destination IP address of the static route and other information here.

Here is the static arp setting binding IP and mac, click Effective after being enabled

Here is the binding of the MAC and IP address, but it is too much trouble, you need to add one by one, it is better to click directly on the arp Mapping table, select here to import it, as shown below

However, using Internet portals and other software, setting up more routers will also increase the workload. , easy to cause crashes, do not recommend setting the binding

Dynamic dns can be selected in the above two ways, we can look at the map HOHO ~ ~, and finally to the system tools,

Everyone will set the time, huh, huh, the picture below is a partial time zone screenshot, we can see

For the router Upgrade needs to save the upgrade file locally (make a connection Host's), then click Browse and choose the appropriate file from the can

Here's my reply factory settings I do not like to use, sometimes not completely restored, prefer to use the router's reset button, find a comparison when booting Fine stuff can hold it. HOHO~~

This step has been configured, you can export the configured file to the local storage, so that when the router fails, recover data, reduce Reconfigured Workload

HOHO ~~, of course, restart when it crashes

Here you can change the username and password required to log in to the router. It is very simple and it is difficult to find a stranger.

This is the log and I want to keep myself

Traffic statistics can be used only after it is turned on. By default, it is turned off. I am going to take the router home and reset it. , er, for your own use, do not need to set.

This is the most complete set of TPLINK tutorials we have found today for everyone. I hope to be helpful to everyone.

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