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The reason why the router often disconnects and how to solve the problem

2018-06-25 13:20:23

Internet access by routers is the most common way for most Internet users to access the Internet. However, sometimes using a router to access the Internet can also cause problems. For example, a friend recently encountered a router dropped from the old line, often indirect disconnection, a friend called to ask why the old router off Xiaobian why? How to solve it, the following article will share with you some of the causes of router disconnection and troubleshooting.

How is the router dropped from the router?

There are two problems with router disconnection. One is hardware, including routers, computers, and network cables. Another is likely to be a software problem, such as router settings, computer system issues, etc. Wait. In some cases, there may be some details such as bad connection of the network cable, bad network cable, and hacking. The following analysis with everyone under the solution.

Router disconnection troubleshooting method:

1, first check the router connection is loose, the computer Pepsi recommends you replug the next network cable, try again to reconnect, if you still Dropped, please look down.

2. Remove the router and use the cat to dial the Internet directly to try it out. If the dial-up is not dropped, most of the router hardware faults or router internal software problems. For this kind of situation, we suggest you try to restore the router to the factory settings, and then reset it to see if the router will recover the problem, if the problem remains, most of the router itself fails.

3. Or use a smart phone to connect to your wireless router's wireless network and try to see if it's stable.

4. Sometimes poor router cooling can cause the router to drop frequently. It is recommended to turn off the router power for a while, and then try to turn it on again. If the stability is late, it is the heat dissipation problem. You may consider adding a fan next to the router to enhance heat dissipation.

In general, there are many reasons for router disconnection. First, check the next line problem, and then use the exclusion method. Conditional friends can use routers, computers, and cats and other devices to replace them one by one. If there is no problem with the equipment, you can consult the network provider and let the merchant check it out.

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