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The router is used as a switch to implement dual routed connections

2018-05-17 12:01:43

Router as a switch with the first step: the correct connection of two routers

First, under the simple routing interface and connection: five routers have five network interfaces, respectively LAN1-LAN4, WAN. LAN1-LAN4 is connected to the computer and WAN is connected to the modem. Take the example of two 5-port TP-link routers. We will simply refer to the route behind the MODEM as the L1, and the router behind the L1 to the L2.

Connect one of the LAN1-LAN4 LAN ports in L1 to a LAN port in LAN2-LAN4 in L2. The other ports in L1 remain unchanged, and the L2 WAN port is empty. The first step is to end this

The router is doing the switch with the second step: Setting up L2 related settings

Setting up L2 first disconnects L1 from L2, doing this for the right Enter the L2 router and enter the L2 IP address in the browser's address bar (Figure 1).

We will set the IP address to the same network segment as the L1 route. An unused IP address is set outside the L1 DHCP server address pool to avoid IP conflicts, such as The subnet mask can be set to be the same as L1, such as Then save the IP address.

B. Turn off the L2 DHCP service.

In the menu bar, click HDCP Service in the HDCP Server (as shown below).

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