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The brand name of the wireless bridge, these brands are reliable

2018-01-08 16:08:23

many people for wireless bridge brand is not very clear, but in choosing a wireless bridge wireless bridge brand is our must be taken into account.Here is wireless bridge brand ranking, need to know friends and see it.

wireless bridge brand: Cisco

Cisco Systems (Cisco Systems, Inc.), hereinafter referred to as or Cisco, Cisco was formally established in December 1984, is a leading Internet solutions provider, its equipment and software product is mainly used to connect the computer network system.

wireless bridge brand: Mr D

Mr D (NASDAQ: code ALVR) is one of the world's largest point to multipoint broadband wireless access (BWA) solution provider.The dimension through the merger BreezeCOM and Floware company, now to the telecom operators, service providers and enterprises around the world to provide integrated broadband wireless access solutions.

wireless bridge brand: D - Link

friends group (D - Link), was founded in 1986, and in October 1994, listed in Taiwan stock exchange friends - as a leading brand in the world of network equipment manufacturers, committed to the local area network, broadband networks, wireless networks, voice network and related network equipment research and development, production and marketing.

wireless bridge brand: Anykey

cinda hui technology co., LTD. (Anykey) was founded in 1998, is affiliated with Beijing new technology industry experimental zone of high-tech enterprises, the company is committed to become the world's leading industrial wireless communication and private network wireless communication system equipment providers and service partners, to help customers solve the industrial field and military chain high-speed wireless data transmission system requirements.Provide all kinds of high-speed wireless data transmission products and overall solutions.

wireless bridge brand: H3C

hangzhou China three communication technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as H3C), IP technology and product research, development, production, sales and service.H3C always focus on IP technology innovation progress, to cover IP networks, IP security and IP management product line for accumulation form the following generation of data center solutions and network solutions as the core of a new generation of Internet solutions.

wireless bridge brand: huawei

huawei is a leading global information and communications solutions provider.We revolve around customer needs continuous innovation, opening up and cooperation with the partners, in the telecommunications network, enterprises, consumers and cloud computing in areas such as building the end-to-end solutions.

wireless bridge brand: sharp Czech red-giant

is China's leading brand network solutions.As a national enterprise, red-giant stick to the path of independent research and development, in the fierce competition in the network equipment market opened up a unique innovation road.With red-giant manufacturers, not only for Chinese users for the lower meshing and net cost, more effective guarantee the network security and controllability.

wireless bridge brand: Symbol

symbol is an American enterprise, with bar code equipment, wireless network as the main products of company, launch a lot of wireless solutions.Company in 2005 by the MOTOROLA acquisition, acquisition, MOTOROLA symbol in the original basis to continue to develop, promote a lot of new equipment.

wireless bridge brand: MOTOROLA

MOTOROLA is one of the world's wealth enterprises, is the global chip manufacturing, electronic communication leader.Wireless LAN devices and the end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions in the design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service;For the wireless service providers, including cellular infrastructure and wireless broadband systems, wireless access system.

wireless bridge brand: Aruba

Aruba was founded in 2002, headquartered in sunnyvale, California city, is a leading enterprise of the next generation mobile network access network solutions provider.Is more than

small make up brand ranking of the wireless network bridge is introduced for you, hope to be able to help you.More information about wireless bridge brand, please continue to pay attention.

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