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The computer always shows how to get the network address

2018-01-23 10:33:06

computer there will always be all sorts of problems, it doesn't, and met unable to connect to the Internet, has been in the bottom right hand corner screen "Is access to the network address ", the following chart, re-opened a machine two or three times, did not solve, like this problem, how to solve?

if the network can be used before, in the absence of any network changes, estimation is the network connection has a problem, most of the cables of crystal head didn't connect well, be able to pull out a paper and insert point, and see if I can solve the problem.

if cable crystal head no problem, may be the DHCP service does not exist, cannot get IP address, you can try first specify a fixed IP address.

steps: enter the control panel, find "Network and sharing center ".

in the center of the network share, from the left to choose "Change adapter Settings ".

in the network connection window, right-click the "Local connection ", select "Properties throughout the &;.

in the properties window, select "Internet protocol (TCP/IPv4) & 4 throughout;, and then click "Properties throughout the &;.

conventional window in the agreement will "Automatically connected IP address "Instead "Use the following address ".

then the following Settings:

IP address: 192.168.1. X (x represents the number between 2-255)

subnet mask:

default gateway:

DNS server address:

after setting up, decide, can try again to connect to the Internet.

if not connected, it could be the router, reset the router first, back to the factory state, operation steps, at the back of the router, there is a small button or hole (or toothpicks resist), in the case of electricity, according to three seconds, can return to the factory, but recovery factory, have to reset the router.

if reset the router doesn't work, and the network is good, can is a router is damaged, change new router.

if you have any conflict, show the IP address is the IP address has been designated as a fixed, can enter the attribute in the protocol, the IP address can be set to automatically obtain.

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